Friday, November 7, 2008

A Fairy Tale

Food for the hungry charity drive below.

Once upon a time there lived a handsome and very nice little boy,

a beautiful little girl with impossibly long eye lashes,

and a very tolerant cat.

They all lived in a house together. One day the cat became very sick and had to be tucked in on the couch. The little boy said the cat was cold so he covered him up with a blanket and laid beside him.

They laid there together for a long time. The little girl came to investigate.

She brought her screwdriver just in case. A girl must always be prepared.

She deemed all the cat needed was more snuggling. So she helped her brother.

All of the the rest and snuggling did the cat much good. He went to go irritate the mean and evil stepmother.

Oh, and there was a rather jealous dog in the mix too.

OK so she wasn't a stepmother but the actual mother. She was mean though. Very very mean.


Memarie Lane said...

your cat looks like my dad.

Cynthia said...

Cats got it made...don't they? My kitty gets to sleep all day and be adored. Looks like yours gets the same deal;)

Anonymous said...


dlyn said...

As much as I love the photos of the kids, it is the first photo of Tux that gets my vote in this post - he has the perfect expression on his face for this post!

Talina said...

Ha, too cute! I hope our cats will be that patient with our little one that is on the way.

JCK said...

Those kids are cuties!