Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The day water stopped leaking all over the floor

Since when is my life so boring that I am beside myself with joy over the delivery of a new washing machine. Really. But I am. It's coming sometime today. And I just can't wait. Of course the fact that our old one died last week with only about half the laundry done, and we are all sitting around in our underwear for lack of anything to wear, could have have something to do with it. Maybe. It's cold here you know. And I have on my last pair of clean undies. So I am glad it's coming today. I'm sure you need to hear all of that.
In other news, you may have noticed a lack of me lately. You did notice right, right!! My first college course ended yesterday. My next one starts today. I am having a blast. It's so nice to have something that is all mine. If I pass, it's on me. If I fail, it's on me. I like that I have something to do that has nothing to do with anyone else.
The one and only downside to all of this me time is a lack of leisurely me time. All of the time that the kids are sleeping is spent doing school work. There isn't a lot of time for blogging lately. I will squeeze it in where I can. My posts may be a little shorter and include more pictures of my nutty crew. I will still be hanging around though.

THIS JUST IN.....It's here. It's here. And it already has laundry in it. No more sniff tests to see if I can get one more day out of that shirt. No more water leaking all over the floor. No more mountain of towels to mop up the pools of water under the washer.

When did I get so boring?

I don't care. This is awesome.

Monday, November 16, 2009

I know they grow up quick

But this just seems ridiculous. Rocking chairs!! At least they managed to maintain their silly even in old age.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Digging for gold

Anna has always had a bit of a fasination with her nose. It was the first body part she learned to idenitfy on her own. It was the first one she said. It's just a cool little thing.
Since the begininng of school we have had a long string of colds. We just barely get well from one, and we are knocked flat again. I lost count somewhere around 5. 5 colds in two months. Let's just say I am sick of being sick.
All of this sickness has brought a new level of fun to Anna's life. Not only is the nose fun to say and touch; you can reach up in there and get stuff out. There is a certain threshold of yuck for every mother. For some it's poo or puke. For me it's removal of things from your nostril with your finger. Anna has me all figured out too. That kid digs and digs up there. And I didn't even realize just how much she does it until I downloaded the pictures from my camera the other day.
I didn't take a single one of purpose. But here they are staring at me. ICK!!!
That look of concentration on her face. What does she think she will find up there anyway?
Just gross. I have to go wash my hands.