Friday, October 1, 2010

Settling in

We are a month into school. You might say we are settled. I think we are getting to a point where we can say we kind of like having two kids in school. It's still a little quiet on the home front when both of them are gone. It's different but I like it. And, when Mark is in school but Anna is home, we get to see our big girl as we never have before. She is so different when she isn't living in her big brother's shadow. She doesn't feel like she has to always agree with his opinions. She has some pretty interesting opinions of the her own. I love to hear them too. What I didn't expect is how much the little sister would miss the big brother while he is away all day. She loves having Mom and Dad to herself but she still asks often when we can go get Mark. All in all, we are settling in nicely. And, even finding time to pursue a few house projects that have been calling my name for about two years. Coincidentally, Jason ran away from home about the time I started talking about them. Don't know what is up with that. I will show how our project is coming along soon. It's something, let me tell ya.