Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Comeback of Boy

Just when we thought Boy had faded into the past he reemerges as Mark's football opponent.

As someone who has been tackled by that bony almost four year old I know that hurt Boy. Poor kid.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

My New baby

I realize I am no a sales pitch for my new Canon baby yet. In fact I am pretty sure the manufactures of this camera would like me to stop posting pictures. At least until I figure out what the heck I am doing. I don't know what I am doing yet. That is a certainty. I will learn though.
My favorite test subjects are the little people around here. Mark has not figured out mommy's new camera yet either. My old camera beeped when it was focused properly. My new camera has a mute button. Poor kid can't figure out if I am taking pictures of him or not.
He really didn't want to have his picture taken at all. Oh I like me a mute button.

In addition to the mute button here is another thing I like. I like a good zoom. I can sit out of the way and just take pictures of what they are doing without interferring with the natural progression of things. I like that.

What do you think she is looking at?

Just the crazy boy around here who did decide to have his picture taken after all.

I hope we didn't get any snot on your screen. We are fighting yet another illness in a long line of colds this year. Could you tell from the red checks in the above pictures? Mark missed his second day of school in a row yesterday. That boy was bumming. Hopefully Monday finds him back in the classroom.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New Camera

Received new camera.

Off taking pictures.

Be back soon.
One of the first pictures.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Picture Day

We didn't do Christmas pictures this year. The holidays just snuck up on us and we ran out of time. We decided we would rather wait until after the season than be rushed through like cattle. I was really glad we did. We had the whole studio to ourselves. It was great. We may do it like this every year. Or maybe we will be a little more on the ball next year and get it done earlier.
This was the time I was either going to fall back in love with Sears portrait studio or we were going to start going somewhere else. We had a couple of bad sessions at the portrait studio where we used to live. You can't just look at a one year old and tell them to smile. They won't. It's a fact. I know this because our photographer tried repeatedly. Anyway I fell back in love. Our photographer did such a nice job. So here they are.We cropped out his foot in the ones we printed but couldn't do that on the website.I love this picture of Anna. I was wondering when we got there how she would do. She is usually a little clingy in unfamilar situations. She did wonderful. It took her a few minutes to warm up to the photographer. Anna didn't want Tara (the photographer) to touch her. It was actually pretty funny.I love this picture of them.

And finally, as she was posing us for this shot I was thinking I would love it. That is would probably be the one we ordered. It is playful and fun. I love that Anna is sitting on my back. I thought it would be great. But unfortunately I guess I am not as playful and fun as I thought. I like everything about the picture except me. I look like I am straining to hold my head up. And I couldn't figure out what to do with my hands. What do you think?
If you are unfortunate enough to be related to me, you can expect to have your very own copy of these picture soon. Because I feel everyone wants a copy of my family on their walls. I got life size wall hangings of each picture for everyone. I figured that is what you would want. I am giving a little heads up so you clean off your walls to make room. I am considerate like that.

Annnnd We're Back

I can't believe it has been a whole week since my last post. Time really does fly. We have been so busy lately. Between painting(we are painting our front porch. Pictures upon completion), family pictures(be back with those later in the week) and sick children(self explanatory) I have hardly sat down at the computer in the last week.
Today I am keeping it simple.

Scene: Dinner table. Family of four.

Menu: Chicken Fajitas. So good!

Dad: Mark, what do you want to do when you grow up?

Mark: Garbage truck driver.

Mark: Dump truck driver.

Mark: Digger operator.

Mark: Police man.

Mark: Construction man.

Mark: Fire man.

Mark: Lunch meat driver.

Mom: Why do lunch meat drivers drive around lunch meat?

Mark: Because they neeeeeed to. *said like mother is biggest idiot on planet*

Here is where I would ordinarily post a cute picture of Mark. Unfortunately I don't have one. Have no fear. The new camera arrives tomorrow. Maybe if we are all really nice and think good thought the Amazon gods will align. And the camera will arrive today. Come on, think good thoughts with me.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Random Thoughts

1. I decided to start walking again. I walk religiously in the summer. I pack the kids into the stroller and we go. But then winter comes. It snows and it's cold. I just don't have the same motivation. So I sit in the house like a slug. Well no more. On days Jason is off, I grab the dog and we go alone. I have been out two days now. I think the dog is going to make me keep doing it.

2. I am in the market for a new camera. I feel limited by the capabilities of my current camera. It seems like I get a lot more pictures like this
than this.
I don't think I am ready to move into the SLR world. Not so much that I can't handle it as I think my kids would destroy it. I will be sure and let you know what I end up with.

3. Mark and his parents are having some trouble with listening. The trouble is he isn't and we want him to. It is getting a little tiresome.

4. Daisy still smells like a skunk when she gets wet. I had no idea we were dealing with such a vicious foe.

5. My blog goes by the wayside when I am reading a good book. And I am reading an excellent book. Pillars Of The Earth by Ken Follett. This is the second time in a year I have read this book. It is that good.

That is all.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Night On The Town

As my 3 loyal readers know I am a great fan of the circus. I love the music, the lights, the cheesy dude in the tux, the sparkly costumes . I love it all. It brings out the child in me. Not that that girl in me is buried very deep beneath the surface. I am usually looking for an excuse to let her out. So last night we had the great joy of taking the kids to their first circus. Being a mom who would much rather surprise than disappoint I didn't tell them anything about it until the last minute. The best part of the whole night was probably Mark trying to guess what we were going to do. He guessed everything from Walmarts to the playground. He doesn't get out much. Once we did finally tell him he didn't know what it was anyway. So he still didn't know what to expect. It was great. As you can see everyone was crazy excited to get it started once we sat down. Calm down guys.
Once the show got started though it was fun to watch them. Both of them sat slack jawed and wide eyed through the entire performance.
And who can blame them when things like this were going on in front of them. I really wonder what was going on in Anna's head watching this. She didn't look away even once.
All around it was a pretty fun and inexpensive night. As long as you didn't get sucked into buying the over priced, child choking, battery sucking, probably lead containing, light up junk for sale. This one wanted the junk but we told him No. Mean horrible awful parents we are.
And on the way home we stopped for take-out Chinese food. A rare and delicious treat.

An Oldie But a Goodie

In honor of backing up all of my files this morning I present one of my all time favorite videos of Mark.
Look how cute and round he used to be.

Monday, February 9, 2009

I See You

I hear you calling.

Beckoning me to come and sit.

Bring a cup of tea and a good book you say.

I feel your sunny rays.

Warm and inviting.

Everyday I walk past and dream of days spent with you.

But it is not meant to be little sun porch.

While you are inviting you are are far from warm.

You will have to wait.

I will have to wait.

They will have to wait.

Our time is coming though.

It won't be long.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Things They Say

OK, first off. Just to prove I still have them and haven't sold them to some traveling circus. Here are a couple of pictures of the wee ones.

Looking at those now I realize they kind of look like pictures on the side of milk cartons. But really I still have them.
BTW, the circus is coming to town. This next week. And we are going. I could not be more excited.
Now a story.
Last night Mark got himself sent to time out. It wasn't a major infraction. Just the usual three year old boy behavior. About 3 minute later her asked if he could get up. To which I replied No. Then that very sheltered, never hears naughty words, watches no television, boy of mine said, Mommy, you got to let me get up off of my ass. I almost fell down.
I have no idea where he heard it from.

Now you know your children are better behaved than mine. Have a nice day!

Monday, February 2, 2009

An Award

I won something. Flea over at Flea's World gave me this little beauty. Thanks so much Flea. I am honored. Like so many thing in this life though, it is conditional. I must offer 10 juicy facts about myself in order to accept and display it.
Then at the end I will pass it on to some others with the same condition.

So here goes:
1. When I was a child I was terrified of our house burning down. It used to keep up nights planning what I would do if our house did catch on fire.

2. I got a perm when I was twelve. It was so bad. My hair is baby fine and thin. So it just looked like a frizzy mess all the time. My mom told me it would be bad. I think it was the only time she was right the whole time I was growing up.

3. I did some really stupid things in the Air Force. I partied way too hard. Drank way too much and may even gotten behind the wheel when I shouldn't have. Stupid, I know.

4. I love the circus. Love it.

5. I am considering going back to school again. I am about half way through an associate degree. I have started college twice at two different schools. Life always seems to get in the way though. Deployments and pesky children. But I think I may finally be grown up enough and settled enough to make the commitment to finish this time. Now if I could just find the time.

6. Related to 5. I still don't know what I want to do when I grow up.

7. I met my husband because I was trying to be stationed near a boyfriend I had at the time.

8. I got a stuffed raccoon when I was two from my grandmother. It became The One among my stuff animals. His name was Rocky. I still have him. He sits on my night stand. See.

9. I am a pack rat. I never throw any thing away. Ever. What if I need it someday is a mantra that runs through my head often. Here is how bad it is. See those parrot earrings in the above picture. I still have them. I never really even liked them. But I kept them all the same. It's a sickness.

10. Actual fish is still alive. I realize this isn't a very juicy tid bit. But it may be a new record for me in the fish world. I almost feel bad mentioning it. It's like a death sentence for fish.

Oh that was fun. Kind of a clearing of the air. Are you still here? Heeeeelllllo. It was the Rocky one, right. Come on you know you still have one special thing from when you were a child. Admit it.
OK. On the the best part. Looking through my blog roll. This is tough. I read some really good blogs.

First off Belle at Life Of A Southern Belle. I can't wait to hear what juicy things happen down south.

Lacy over at Razor Family Farms. They are a military family living the simple life. I would love to hear some juicy tales from the country.

Trannyhead over at Law School Suck and So Do Lawyers.. I am not sure what other juicy facts there are to know about Trannyhead. I can't wait to see what she comes up with.

Brandy over at Life In The Woods With No Where To Hide. I just started reading this blog last week. I don't know a lot about her. So any thing she gives us would be juicy to me.

And finally head over to Dlynzsite today. She is giving away one of her beautiful photos.

OK. Finally, finally I am going stop in just a minute. But just have to add one more thing. We are experiencing a few technical issues here in Diaperville this week. My blog roll and my computer are acting completely wacky. Nothing is updating the way it should. Tons of error messages. I hope to remedy there issues today. I promise to be around for my visits very soon.

Game Night

We have a pretty strict rule in our house about eating as a family around the table. So any deviation from that norm is a huge treat. We like most Americans last night watched the game. We decided to make it extra special with a carpet picnic. Mark loves picnics and we do them often in the summer. So when he heard about an indoor picnic he was pretty thrilled. We gathered our supplies. Homemade Stromboli, chips and dip and cookies (Oh yes it was healthy here last night) and gathered round the blue tube. (There may have been a glass or two of that tan elixir of life around too.) It was so fun. Mark asked if we can do it again tonight. I think it was a hit.

Me thinks a family movie night might be instituted in this slice of heaven.

Some one forgot to tell Jason which teams made it to the Superbowl this year.

On another note: My favorite part of the Superbowl is the commercials. But I found them to be lacking this year. Only one made me laugh. The Dorito one with the snowglobe near the beginning was funny. I love me some slapstick humor. What about you? Did you think any of them were any good?