Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Freaking out

Does anyone still visit here? Just wondering.
Life has been so crazy these last months. School, vacation, summer, kids, swimming lessons, baseball; the list is never ending. But it all comes to a screeching halt next week when school starts up again. And let me just tell you the level of freak out I am in. I am freaking out. How can I be sending kid to Kindergarten? It just isn't possible. He's just a baby. And then if that wasn't enough, I am sending my baby to preschool. I don't even know how this all happened. One minute your pregnant the next you are sending them off to be educated by someone else. Back to my freaking out. I had a near panic attack over school lunches the other day. Do I send lunch with him so I know he isn't eating junk? Or do I let him buy because he is a big kid now and can make a few decisions for himself? But he can't, he's just a baby. See, freakin' out. So, please tell me this is all normal. It's not strange to obsess over details such as not being able to find his classroom and wandering the halls all day. It's not we rid that I am worried some big mean kids will beat him up and my sweet innocent boy will be gone forever replaced by a snotty bratty kid. It's not strange that I am total mess of lunch. Please. please tell me this is normal.
But wait there's more. If you've done the math, you know I have two children. One is going to Kindergarten the other is going to preschool. You may have figured out that there will be a few child free hours in there. For the first time in five a half years, I will have time to think, to shower, maybe eat while sitting down. I can't even fathom the possibilities here. It's crazy I tell you.
They aren't babies anymore.


Donalyn said...

As the Grandmother of these children I can tell you that it is all perfectly normal. And I am gratified to see that you are sending Anna to a progessive preschool that doesn't mind tribal tattoos on 3 year olds.

They will be fine Mom - we all had to get through Kindergarten, right?

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

I'm still here, although since becoming a high school principal several months back, I hardly have time to breathe or BLOG!!!

Christy said...

I still read and visit. Thanks to google reader I love that I can go a few days aka weeks without visiting my blogs I like to read and still catch up right where I or they left off. I so totally hear you on the sending them off to school. My oldest starts K next year and I am looking into headstart. Was hoping to get him in at the start of this school year but he was refusing to potty train. Now that he is figuring that out I am going to try and get him in in January. It does seem like just yesterday that my life was so different and childless although I can't fathom life without them now. Hope they are doing well in school.

Gina said...

Awww, miss you guys!