Sunday, December 28, 2008

Back To the Real World

Well have a rather long hiatus, I am back. The last of my company went home yesterday.
We had a wonderful time with everyone.
I won't bore you with a ton of Christmas but I just want to share a few of our Christmas morning. We decided to let Christmas be about the kids this year. The adults didn't get a lot. We mostly gave to the kids. It's more fun that way. Plus after they go to bed we get to play with their toys. Wooohooo!!!
Mark was full of nervous anticipation before we started. He knew something good was coming but wasn't sure just what.
Poor Anna. She had been told all week not to touch the presents. Then we started plunking gift down in front of her. And encouraging her to do the very thing we told her not to do for three days. She was a teeny bit confused. She got over it pretty quick though when she realized all the good stuff in those packages.
I think these are her first real girl toys. She has been playing with "boy" things since she was born.
Mark and Grandma Shirley talked about a garbage truck not long ago. Who knew she would get one for our very own home. It even comes with it's own ball of garbage. Thanks GM.S. As if I don't have enough of that hanging around. (kidding, Mark loves it.)

In short we had a wonderful Christmas.

My mom (Dlyn) gave me the best gift of all. She took all of these pictures so that I could enjoy the present opening with the kids. Thanks Mom!


dlyn said...

We had a great time too - all but that last part!

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

I love watching little girls with their first doll babies...I'm so happy that you had a nice holiday.

Flea said...

Look at those happy faces! Sounds like you gave your mom a pretty crappy gift in return for taking all those photos, though. :) I also hear that everyone was receiving that gift this year. Ick.