Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Visit

This is my friend Sean. I met Sean many moons ago on my first assignment in the Air Force. He and I have been great friends ever since. He is like a girlfriend but with boy parts. I think. I don't actually know about these things. Strictly a platonic relationship. Any who, Sean texted me on Thanksgiving Day and asked where the nearest airport is. There is only one reason he would ask me that. Yep, that's right folks. My dear friend Sean is coming here to my house in 3 short days. I owe Sean not one, not two but three visits. And he is still going to come and see me. Oh, happy day.
Sean and I have many memories together. We shared a house rental in Florida for a couple of years. While we lived there he bought this car.

We spent many a happy hour in the garage working on it together. By working I mean him working and me offering smart ass but well timed remarks. I am good like that.
Sometimes we would drive around in his car. That was always fun. That was back before gas cost your life savings. Which was a good thing. I think this Mustang gets about 3 gallons to the mile or something like that. I didn't have to put gas in it. I was the passenger, mostly.
I have many more stories about this guy.
He once drove with me to Alabama to see my great grandmother. She was scandalized that I had a male friend. It was rather an uncomfortable weekend. But I was so glad to have him there.

He wrecked my truck once. We were out on the base ranges in North Carolina squealing the tires and having fun. He zigged when he should have zagged. We went off of an embankment and got thoroughly stuck. Thank goodness for some very friendly rednecks who came and helped us out. We would probably still be out there.

He was in our wedding. My parent's dog didn't like him. That was pretty funny.

When I was in the Air Force far from home. His family welcomed me every year to spend Christmas with them. It was like have four brothers and a mom (Hi Mom). They were wonderful. I was and am so thankful for his family. Christmas would have been a far lonelier time for me if not for them.

In short Sean is a very special friend of mine. He is coming here next week. And I can't wait.

Go enter dlynz contest today. The world's smartest dog is giving some thing away.


Anonymous said...

that was awsome, a whole blog for me

see you in a few days.

Memarie Lane said...

awesome! we're soon expecting a visit from a friend of ours that might seem a bit incongruous. He's a 22 year old college student from Utah that we met online playing video games. He's really a great guy and I can't wait to meet him in person. He's thinking about moving here, so hes going to check out the area and possibly look for a job.

dlyn said...

I feel totally ripped off that I don't get to see my "son". Just not right is what think. I think I will find a funny of him to put on my Facebook so I can tag him in it. yeah - that will show him!

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

It's best work friend right now is a guy...he's in his 50's and never been married. He generally comes to our house on holidays if he isn't visiting his brother and it's almost like he's become a member of the family.

Trannyhead said...

Have fun with him! It sounds like it'll be a great time!

Nap Warden said...

Yay for friends like Sean! Have fun:)

Geri said...

Nice tribute to your friend. Hope you have a great holiday.

teddie said...

Hi Guys,
I miss seeing you ...,but most of all I miss you @ Christmas. Give the kids a hug and tell Jason Merry Christmas.

Has Sean given Mark his drums yet?

Love ya, Ellyn's other Mom

Flea said...

Oh how wonderful. We all need friends like that, don't we? I had several in college and we still correspond. I miss them. So glad you're seeing Sean soon!