Monday, November 24, 2008


The inspiration for this post came from Memarie Lane. She posted some pictures of her beautiful baby the other day. One of the pictures was of her little girl's hand. That was all I needed.

I have always been fascinated with hands. Each one unique to it's owner. East set has a story to tell in the lines and scars.
When I was a child I fell off my bike and filleted my hand open. I walked my bike back home crying all the way. I still have scar today from that accident. I would probably not even remember this incident if not for the divot I still sport on my right hand from it.
When my babies were small I used to play with their hands for hours. They were so innocent and perfect. Not a single flaw or line. No blemishes marked them. They had those tiny dimples on the back of their knuckles. I kissed those tiny hands daily.

By contrast I think of my great grandmother's hands. She was an immigrant and a farmer's wife. To say she worked hard would be an understatement. She raised children and milked cows with those hands. By the time I came along her hands were very old. They were gnarled and tired. For most of my childhood she still lived the life of a farmer's wife. One of my most vivid memories of her was when I went over to visit her and Grandad. They had a dog almost as old as them. Shadow liked nothing more than to sit as his mistresses feet and be petted. I imagine it probably hurt her arthritic hands to pet him but she did it anyway. I remember watching her hands glide over that dog's head. She looked so frail. Her hands looked so old to me. Her stories were told in the lines on her hands. (I hope to revisit this amazing woman in a future post.)
Now I look down at my own hands. My hands are strong. I have changed a thousand diapers and wiped a million tears with these hands. I have served my country. I have lived, loved and learned with these hands. They are serving me well. Someday I hope they look like my grandmothers hands. It will mean I have spent my life doing productive things with them.
I have confidence this little boy will do wonderful things with these hands. I have visions of him soothing his own babies with them; much like his dad comforts him.

And this one. She will be mischievous and get into lots of trouble with her little patties. But I know she will also do great things with them too.

Thanks Memarie for the inspiration.

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Memarie Lane said...

I'm glad someone appreciated the picture. I love it. My mom couldn't understand why I cut the baby's head out of the picture.

dlyn said...

Great post Ellyn - hands are one of the first things I notice about people too!

Mental P Mama said...

Wonderful! I love the hands.

Elle said...

Beautiful photos!

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

We just found a fabric wreath in my mother-in-law's attic that I made years ago with our children's handprints on it. It's all stained but I'm determined to salvage it.

About Rhett Butler's People...
it's OK...not the best I've ever read but not horrible. (That isn't very good encouragement is it?)

Weezee said...

Ellyn what a beautiful post. I love to look at hands too, they say so much about a person. The pictures of the kids really made me smile.

Gina said...

The picture of Mark is so great, I interpret it as his hands folded in prayer, I may be wrong, but it is precious.
Anna's picture is sweet too :)