Sunday, November 16, 2008

Monday Morning Quarterback

This isn't about a MMQ. I just wanted to say that. This is probably my only football post so this may be the only time I get to say it.
The Packers played yesterday. And they were on TV. Oh, you didn't hear. I thought surely the whole world had heard. Well it was an exciting event here.
I see you looking at the mess in the background. Stop it.
It isn't a secret that I don't really care for football much. It isn't that I don't like it. I just am not interested. A bunch of grown men strutting around the field knocking each other down doesn't ring my bells. I am pretty sure before we got hitched someone in Jason's family, probably his brother, (Hi Chad) pulled him aside and had a talk with him. He probably said something along the lines of, "You know she isn't like us. She is different. She doesn't like the same things we like." Something like that. I don't know what Jason's response was. But I am sure he was love struck. He was able to look past my obvious faults. That and I can cook. He likes to eat.
I think his family has also come to terms with the fact that I am a non-fan. They don't stop talking when I come in the room anymore. They can see past my issues. They understand that I am a person too. Even if I don't like football or *gasp* the Packers.
Anyway, when the Packers are on TV it is very exciting here. We (read Jason) must prepare. There is much work to be done on game day prior to kick off. We (read Jason) must hunt down his favorite football. This football is far superior to all other footballs in the land. We (read Jason) has to pick out his attire. We (read Jason) must make sure the proper quantity of beverages are made frosty. And then when kick off comes Jason assumes the stance. He will stand in the same spot and sway for three hours. Back and forth, back and fourth. Then when something happens he yells. Unless the kids are asleep. Then he yells very quietly. I call it whisper yelling. You can tell if it was a good or bad thing by the pitch of the whisper yelling.

All this time, I stay as far away as possible. You thought I watched it with him didn't you. Are you nuts? If I went over there he would talk to me about football. Now I ask you, would that be good for anyone? I think not.

I decided today, to poke the beast. I like to live life on the wild side. Who cares that he is twice my size and out weighs me by a good 75 lbs. OK, OK 50 lbs. You didn't have to laugh. That was just mean.
At first he tried to ignore me. But you really can't ignore the annoying woman with the camera for long. I just get more irritating.

The end of the story is the Packers won. Go Packers!! Otherwise this post would not exist. I said I poke the beast, not climb in the cage and smack it around. I do have some self preservation.

I was kidding about my in laws. They have welcomed me from the first moment I met them at Parris Island 10 years ago.


Memarie Lane said...

i am sooooo thankful i married a man who has no interest in sports.

Nap Warden said...

Oh man did the Bears stink it up this weekend or what?!?

Grandma Shirley said...

At least Jason let's you in the same room with him while the game is boys never likedwatching with me. They never liked my encouraging comments when we messed up. I love you, Ellyn, even though you are not a Packer Fan. Mom said...

Oh, I am SO with memarie lane's comment. Josh (my husband) is not into football - praise God! - and so I don't have to worry about scheduling our lives around a bunch of sweaty men crashing into one another.

Thank you for your encouraging words with the adoption. It is such a difficult wait!

Blessings and thanks!

dlyn said...

I was going to come in here and make some sarcastic comments about cheesehead hats and weird green tiger striped pants, but it's awfully close to Christmas to be taunting one's son-in-law. I do like his new hair-do though.

Sean said...

Sounds Kinda like Saterdays here, We have alot more vistors on game day, since we got the large flat screen and high def. cable.

Weezee said...

Jason I would watch with you and talk football, specially if the Pats are playing and winning! Would you guys like Farve back now?