Monday, February 2, 2009

An Award

I won something. Flea over at Flea's World gave me this little beauty. Thanks so much Flea. I am honored. Like so many thing in this life though, it is conditional. I must offer 10 juicy facts about myself in order to accept and display it.
Then at the end I will pass it on to some others with the same condition.

So here goes:
1. When I was a child I was terrified of our house burning down. It used to keep up nights planning what I would do if our house did catch on fire.

2. I got a perm when I was twelve. It was so bad. My hair is baby fine and thin. So it just looked like a frizzy mess all the time. My mom told me it would be bad. I think it was the only time she was right the whole time I was growing up.

3. I did some really stupid things in the Air Force. I partied way too hard. Drank way too much and may even gotten behind the wheel when I shouldn't have. Stupid, I know.

4. I love the circus. Love it.

5. I am considering going back to school again. I am about half way through an associate degree. I have started college twice at two different schools. Life always seems to get in the way though. Deployments and pesky children. But I think I may finally be grown up enough and settled enough to make the commitment to finish this time. Now if I could just find the time.

6. Related to 5. I still don't know what I want to do when I grow up.

7. I met my husband because I was trying to be stationed near a boyfriend I had at the time.

8. I got a stuffed raccoon when I was two from my grandmother. It became The One among my stuff animals. His name was Rocky. I still have him. He sits on my night stand. See.

9. I am a pack rat. I never throw any thing away. Ever. What if I need it someday is a mantra that runs through my head often. Here is how bad it is. See those parrot earrings in the above picture. I still have them. I never really even liked them. But I kept them all the same. It's a sickness.

10. Actual fish is still alive. I realize this isn't a very juicy tid bit. But it may be a new record for me in the fish world. I almost feel bad mentioning it. It's like a death sentence for fish.

Oh that was fun. Kind of a clearing of the air. Are you still here? Heeeeelllllo. It was the Rocky one, right. Come on you know you still have one special thing from when you were a child. Admit it.
OK. On the the best part. Looking through my blog roll. This is tough. I read some really good blogs.

First off Belle at Life Of A Southern Belle. I can't wait to hear what juicy things happen down south.

Lacy over at Razor Family Farms. They are a military family living the simple life. I would love to hear some juicy tales from the country.

Trannyhead over at Law School Suck and So Do Lawyers.. I am not sure what other juicy facts there are to know about Trannyhead. I can't wait to see what she comes up with.

Brandy over at Life In The Woods With No Where To Hide. I just started reading this blog last week. I don't know a lot about her. So any thing she gives us would be juicy to me.

And finally head over to Dlynzsite today. She is giving away one of her beautiful photos.

OK. Finally, finally I am going stop in just a minute. But just have to add one more thing. We are experiencing a few technical issues here in Diaperville this week. My blog roll and my computer are acting completely wacky. Nothing is updating the way it should. Tons of error messages. I hope to remedy there issues today. I promise to be around for my visits very soon.


2nd CM said...

This was fun! This brought lots of smiles. Lucky for Jason (and you) about following the boyfriend.

Now when you’re done reading this I want you to go immediately to your jewelry drawer, grab those parrot earrings and throw them away! …. preferrably in a trash can you wouldn’t want to put your hand back into. Make yourself do it …. It will be good therapy! On second thought …. Maybe you could sell them on eBay … or maybe they might be useful for a costume party …. Or maybe Anna might like to have them some day …. Or who knows, maybe Parrott earrings might really be a big hit next season! ………

Finally, dare I speak about it? …… I’m so glad to hear that AF is alive and kicking (or is that finning?)

Ellyn said...

I just can't do it 2nd CM. I tried. I can't.

Yep the post has been up for about 3 hours now. He is still alive. A good sign.

Oh NO!!! Just kidding.

Weezee said...

I am with CM throw those parrot earrings away! You must do it. When you visit us next I will take you to my M-I-L's house and you will see what can happen if you persist in this pack-rat behavior Very Scarey!!!!!

Ok everyone help me out. Start chanting...hey ho the parrots must go, hey ho the parrots must go! Come on Ellyn you can do it!

Gina said...

This was a fun post! I especially liked #7 and #9. I never knew that's how you met Jason, cute tidbit, and I am a pack rat too, especially with clothes, my little sister went through my closet last summer and she made me clean it out. I had stuff from Jr. High still! We filled 6 garbage bags! It was hard, but goodwill got some nice stuff :) I am trying my hardest now to just part with things becuase ironically, I hate clutter. I have like four bins in my basement full of junior high, highschool and college papers and notes and little things Chad has given me dating all the way back to 6th grade! It's fun to look back on that stuff though :)

P.S. I think your perm looks nice!

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

Thanks so much...I'm VERY behind on lots of things...barely getting posts done. I won't forget (even though it might seem like I do...LOL) said...

Thank you for the tag and congratulations!!! I'm very pleased that you mentioned me and actually want to know juicy facts about me. I think now I should start getting creative and making some up. Unfortunately, I have no secrets. No deep dark juicy goodies to spill.

I feel very boring right now.

IU am off to ponder on this. Maybe my husband can think of something.

I'll ask.

Blessings and thanks!

Ellyn said...

Weezee-Ha, your chat didn't work. And I still have the earrings.

Gina-Glad you enjoyed it. I think I have the same four bins in my attic right now. Oh the stuff.

Belle-Take your time. Whenever you get to it.

Lacy-I would love it if you played along. They don't have to be deep and dark; just honest. My husband totally helped me with mine. I couldn't have done it on my own.

JCK said...

I enjoyed the one in which you revealed how you met your husband by following a former boyfriend. Too funny how life happens to bring us in other directions that what we set out doing...

Also enjoyed the perm picture. Aaahh..yes, perms. Had quite a few myself. You know. Flashdance and all that.

Sean said...

Love the perm pic.