Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Night On The Town

As my 3 loyal readers know I am a great fan of the circus. I love the music, the lights, the cheesy dude in the tux, the sparkly costumes . I love it all. It brings out the child in me. Not that that girl in me is buried very deep beneath the surface. I am usually looking for an excuse to let her out. So last night we had the great joy of taking the kids to their first circus. Being a mom who would much rather surprise than disappoint I didn't tell them anything about it until the last minute. The best part of the whole night was probably Mark trying to guess what we were going to do. He guessed everything from Walmarts to the playground. He doesn't get out much. Once we did finally tell him he didn't know what it was anyway. So he still didn't know what to expect. It was great. As you can see everyone was crazy excited to get it started once we sat down. Calm down guys.
Once the show got started though it was fun to watch them. Both of them sat slack jawed and wide eyed through the entire performance.
And who can blame them when things like this were going on in front of them. I really wonder what was going on in Anna's head watching this. She didn't look away even once.
All around it was a pretty fun and inexpensive night. As long as you didn't get sucked into buying the over priced, child choking, battery sucking, probably lead containing, light up junk for sale. This one wanted the junk but we told him No. Mean horrible awful parents we are.
And on the way home we stopped for take-out Chinese food. A rare and delicious treat.


2nd CM said...

Well, I didn't make it on Dyln's top 10 list ..... but am I one of the three loyal blog readers? Actually, you and I didn't make her list because she would want to spend much more time than 5 minutes with us! ; )

That Anna, she is more squeezable than ever! That picture of her staring is so cute!

And you stick by the stuff you mean parent you. I heard about a parent here in KC that recently took his kids to see Elmo and ... I kid you not ... spent $30 on two of those glowy things so the two kids would not be left out when all the other kids twirled their glow rings in the dark. There aught to be parental rights laws against that kind if thing! : )

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

That brings back memories...we used to go to the circus every brother Ned was a big fan. Your kids look positively mesmerized!!

dlyn said...

But did Jason get attacked by a clown? That's quality entertainment right there!