Monday, June 8, 2009

I think we're back

And I am not sure just where to begin. So much has happened since I last wrote. We've been doing a lot of living here in our slice of heaven. We are about ready for a trip to see Jason's family. The days have slowed down to a crawl. We just want to leave already.
Mark finally learned to....
CATCH!! It was a big Daddy moment. His Dad has been working with him for a very very long time on that skill. Then he just got it. He even keeps his eyes open sometimes.
My family really came together, out in Arizona, to get my uncle through to very painful ordeal of my aunt's funeral. That is one thing about my family. We rag on one another endlessly. We poke and tease as only a family can. (thick skin is a must around here) But when you really need them they are there. They hop on planes and fly across the country to be with you when you need them. That is what families are for. We are incredibily blessed to have each other.
So why a robin baby today? Well, I go back to family again. His parents came together to give me an unholy talking to from the top of our maple tree while I was taking this little guy's picture. I was really uncomfortable to have the kids hear such foul language. Who knew robins could swear like sailors.
Have a great day! Go hug someone you love.


Flea said...

You think robins swear, you should hear blue jays. Take the kids inside!

Glad to hear your family is healing and bonding. I hope your uncle keeps his head above water and the family continues to pour into him.

Mark got his hair cut! OMG! He's not a baby anymore!

Ellyn said...

I know what you mean about those jays. Someone should wash their mouths out with soap. Just naughty.

Weezee said...

Our family is pretty great. I am so jet lagged and glad to be home but so happy I went to be my brother and all. We are truly blessed.
Have a great vacation.