Friday, June 26, 2009

Just one more

OK so I wasn't going to draw out our trip all week. I lied. Shoot me. But technically this isn't a Wisconsin post. It's a Cleveland post. See, Cleveland.So our last night of vacation we spent in a really neat place. Because of Jason's job we get a deep discount. Otherwise it would be Roach Motel for us. They don't have this view at Roach Motel.
We got to watch the most spectacular sunset. Even the kids stood and watched it. The same kids who spent the last 7 hours strapped to car seats stood still for a little while to watch this scene.
At first it was nothing too special. But still I snapped a picture anyway. I knew it would get better.

It kept getting just a little better.

Then it got a lot better. The whole sky turned fire red.
Then it was over.
Then we went swimming.

It was a wonderful way to end a really fantastic vacation.


Donalyn said...

wow - very very nice!

Gina said...

what a perfect ending to your vacation :)

2nd CM said...

Beautiful! .... I enjoy the things you share!