Monday, June 22, 2009

Our vacation in a nutshell

I thought about drawing this out all week. I certainly have enough pictures. But I decided to just get it over with. So bear with me. It's a long one.
This year's trek across the country was so much fun. We drove a route we have never driven before. We saw things we have never seen before. And best of all we left the dog with my parents. We got to stay in a really fun hotel we haven't been able to stay in before. So here goes. The drive. I love this kind of rest stop. It straddles the interstate. As you stand in it you can feel the trucks driving underneath you. Mark loved this.
We got to drive through a number of bridges like this. When Jason was a kid, he thought you drove over the top of this kind of bridge. I have heard that story each and every time we have gone through one of these for the last ten years. Thought you might be interested.
The second day of driving and the scenery flattens out. We can pretty much set the cruise control and take a nap. I always get a kick out of the contrast from day one to day two. Day one is land that I am used to. I grew up at the edge of the mountains. The rolling hills makes me feel at home. Day two is always flat. This is where Jason grew up. He loves the way you can see for miles and miles.
I won't lie to you. We had some pretty serious crankiness from the back seat.

Then we turned on the DVD player. Silence. I thank my lucky stars that 1) Jason insisted we find a mini van with a DVD installed and 2) we never let them watch television at home. So if we really need to distract them it's there.
We saw the Sears Tower as we always do. It wasn't too bad this time. The running joke around here is we spend more time in Chicago than anywhere else on the trip. But this time wasn't bad at all. We zipped right through with only a relatively minor delay on the north side of the city.
Then we arrived and the real fun started. We saw family we haven't see in over a year and a half. I held a beautiful baby we had only heard about. *And,yes Gina. This is the only picture I have of you. I know your eyes are closed. Sorry.*
The kids got to see Grandparents they don't see often enough.
Jason and Mark got to sit in an old fire truck. Mark found the crank siren. A hit of course.
We rode horses with Jason's sister and her boyfriend.

Mark got his first ride in a gator. At the hands of a seven year old. Grandpa was there though so I wasn't worried. Much.
Jason, his brother and three kids stuffed themselves into the world's smallest train car. The best part was watching them all try to get out.
We saw lions. Bet you didn't know they had those in Wisconsin. Yep, lions just roam the streets up there. Pretty amazing really. *Fine. We were at the zoo.*
We had a wonderful time.
Thanks everyone for a great vacation. Can't wait to do it again real soon.


Christy said...

I got a good chuckle. The world's smallest train car is great. And lions roaming the streets of WI, I always knew those people across the lake were a bit weird, actually zoos are a big part of our summer plans. We bought a family membership this year and with our three zoo trips soon to be four (all within a month mind you) it has more than paid for itself and the best part it is still good until the end of next May. That is a lot of zoo trips if we keep up this rate. Glad you enjoyed your vacation.

Donalyn said...

Great pics of a great time - looks like a lot of fun!

Nap Warden said...

OMG...what fun you all had! Love the pic of my city;)

2nd CM said...

That wasn’t long at all .... I enjoyed the ride!

- that's the prettiest crank I've ever seen
- you are smart parents (no TV except for special occasions.... when my older ones were little it was amazing what dull, boring programs they would watch .... something of my choosing ….. just because they got to do it so rarely! ) : )
- I too am a husband and Dad that says the same things over and over at certain spots on every trip .... be nice to us!
- you’re blessed to have the family you have and we're blessed to hear about it!

.... thanks for sharing your vacation!