Monday, July 6, 2009

The day her marbles went rolling down the rainy street

Let me just tell you a little something about us. Something you may not know. We live outside in the warm months. We come in to sleep and eat. That's it. Even these are occasionally done outside. All of our play and most of our summer cooking are done out there. We have a big backyard. We make the fullest full use of it during this time of year. The kids thrive on the fresh air and sunshine. And so do we. We fall into bed at night in exhausted heaps for all the fun we have had during the day. We rarely hear a peep out of the kids once their heads hit the pillow.
Now let me tell you something else you may not know. Here in my section of upstate NY we are having a record rainy year. It rains. All. Day. Every. Day. For weeks and weeks it has rained. OK so it's been week and week. About two weeks. But still that is a lot of stinking rain. That is a long time to find indoor stuff to do. And let me tell you, we have completely exhausted our list of rainy day activities.

Color pictures-I have a stack of pictures 3 inches high.

Work on our catching skills-Mark can now catch a ball with about 85% accuracy. That says nothing of my catching skills. I am at about 55% accuracy.

Rock/feed/cuddle/change/put to bed baby dolls-Yes to all of the above. A. Lot. (As an aside, why, in the world, do they make baby dolls smell like cheap awful vanilla? I hate that. End aside)

Run around acting like maniacs-we do that all the time anyway. So no change there.

Yesterday we had a reprieve. The sun shined all day. We basked. We basked to the fullest. Baseball, frisbee, catch, swinging, running, walking, jumping. We did it all. Oh the fun we had.

This morning I woke up and guess what. IT'S RAINING. I'm crying.

Yes, we have enough Legos to go all the way to the ceiling. We wondered.


Belle (from Life of a...) said...

I'm SO sorry. I know how hard the staying in during the winter was and now all of this rain. Can you buy a waterproof tent???

Ellyn said...

Not a bad idea, Belle. I wonder how much Walmart charges for a WP tent an acre big....

Donalyn said...

It's nice here today. :running:

Ellyn said...

You better run.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but we have water rationing here in Texas. So, while I do feel sorry for the kiddos, it's hard to muster much more sympathy than that. (as I gaze out at my brown dead grass)

Ruth Ann :>)

teddie said...

Good job with the Legos!!!. Send us some rain. Its been 90's and no rain.

Kiss the kids for me they are so cute!

Ellyn said...

Sorry, Ruth Ann. I would send it to you if I could.

You too, Teddie. You could send some of that 90s to us. Cold here this year.

Nap Warden said... win...coolest Lego tower ever;)

Flea said...

Holy moley! That's quite the LEGO tower!

Salt dough is good for hours of fun. Scribbit featured it recently when she mad finger puppets for her kids. Mold it around the fingers, shape as animals, bake the puppets, then paint them. Good for hours of puppeting fun afterward!

Gina said...

Sorry to hear about all
the rain :( Cool lego tower though :)

Gina said...

Sorry to hear about all
the rain :( Cool lego tower though :)

Weezee said...

I so feel your pain, we have also had record rainfall this year. It is dismal!
I love the tower though and the puppets Flea mentioned sound like fun.

I hope today is sunny. (your mother sounds like my father!)