Monday, July 20, 2009

My Summer Workout Program II

Oh, your back again. Come to see my progress, have ya? Well step right inside. You'll remember your first tour here. Good. Lets get started then.
Feel free to walk on the path. I have always wanted to do a stone path like this. I think they make a garden feel very cozy. I also love the contrast, when you walk barefoot, between the hot stones and the cool grass. These stones came from the creek that runs by my parents house. So they have some sentimental value to me. I spent about half of my childhood roaming up and down that creek. This little project isn't done yet. The path will eventually go all the way around the front of the house.

The path had to be put on hold because I had to get some of the plants I bought (at bargain basement prices) in the ground. They were starting to suffer. I know it a little hard to see but this is my very first planted garden. What a workout this was too. It features an Evan Bali cherry tree, a grouping of very heavy pots, and assorted perennials.(Daisies, Black Eyed Susans, Cone Flower, Soon to be joined by daylilies and a few others) And One heck of a lot of mulch. We get it by the scoop from a local place. And haul it off of the truck with shovels. Fun times. Let me tell you.
Speaking of mulch, lets just talk about edging for a moment. That is by far the biggest workout of the little summer project for me. This is what it looking like before it's edged. See how sloppy those edges are. That's cardboard underneath.
This is after. You take a small spade and make a V in the dirt then back fill it with mulch. The grass won't get in your garden as easily this way. At least this is what I hope. That is what my local expert tells me. BTW, this is the view from my dining room window right now. It's really come a long way. But there is so much left to do this year.
Hey, like that bench? Free. One of my neighbors gave it to me. It just needs a little TLC. This garden is on a budget after all.
Next I tackle this.

See ya in about a month.


Anonymous said...

How beautiful....I can appreciate all the work you are putting into it. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

I really like each little spot. I like the stone pot that is turned on it's side. I like gardens that aren't "perfect".

Be sure to keep a photo journal. In years to come, it will be a good reminder of how far you've come.:)
Ruth Ann

2nd CM said...

Oh my! .... I so want to get my bare feet on those smooth stones, sit on that bench while I get better aquatinted with my 2nd cousins and watch beautiful children run and giggle in the yard!!! Maybe one day! You’re off to an awesome start! I love the tipped over pot, the bird bath (just thinking this weekend I need one of those) and the picket fence really sets it off. Please keep me posted!

2nd CM

PS – there’s nothing quite like an Upstate New York creek to walk barefoot in …. Mmmmm, I can feel it on my toes now!

Ellyn said...

Thank you all. The tipped over pot was my birthday gift from my family this year. It really set this garden project off to a good start. And I am reminded of them each time I work out there. Their pretty special you know.

Flea said...

Oh your yard is lovely. Roses next?

Donalyn said...

It really looks just great, Ellyn - and you know I have a good place to practice if you want to perfect that edging technique!

Ellyn said...

Flea-I do see roses in my future. Though probably not this year.

D-I'm good. Think I got the technique down. But thanks for the offer. Very generous.

Gina said...

Beautiful! Kinda makes me wish I liked gardening ;)

Weezee said...

that is so fabulous!!!! I lovehow you did the groupings.

I hope I get to see it in person soon!