Thursday, July 9, 2009

The First Game

If you pay any attention to my twitterings or facebooking you know Mark had his very first soccer game the other night. We knew it was going to be fun. But oh my, was it ever a hoot. In this age group there really aren't any practices. They met the coach last week and did a little dribbling but that was it. Then they just throw them in to a game to play. They also don't keep score either. This is a good thing as the other team kept kicking the ball in their own goal.
Mark is an observer. So he didn't do a lot of playing the other night. He will probably hit his stride at tonight's game after a couple of days to digest what he learned.
He asked a bazillion questions in the last two days about soccer. I really need to brush up on my soccer knowledge. This is a sport I know nothing about. Once we start football and baseball my knowledge will just astound you.
Getting a well deserved high five from his Dad.
Anna was by far Mark's biggest fan. She spent the entire game yelling Go Mark Go at the top of her lungs. Jason gets a close second but Anna edged him out. Game two tonight. We will be on the sidelines. As always, with camera in hand.


Donalyn said...

I just hope you don't all experience any of that awful violence you hear about after soccer games, when the losing team's fans beat up those of the winner. I've seen that on the TV and it looks just terrible. I guess with no score keeping there is less chance of that though.

Weezee said...

He is just so cute!and Anna is quite the little cheerleader!

Ellyn said...

D-That almost happened the other night but I stopped Jason from taking out the other Dad.

Gina said...

Fun! Go Mark! :)