Monday, August 24, 2009

Aliens Attack

These tiger lilies always remind me of aliens. Their tentacles reaching down to suck the life from unsuspecting humanoids.
AAHHHHHH! Here comes one now! Run for your lives!

Sorry. I'll go now.

Got a minute? Go read this story about Anna Banana. Here Thanks Weezee. I enjoyed that one.


2nd (Pushy, Snarky, Sniveling) CM said...

Mmmm ... interesting! … not as interesting as pictures of adorable kids with cute stories, or news about once in a century family reunions … (that, incidentally, I wasn’t invited to though I really wanted to be there) … and now all I can do is wait for long pictorial blogs from some of the attendees …. (but I’m not bitter.) ... but interesting just the same.

Weezee said...

Oh dear poor CM! YOu can come to the next family reunion!

Always glad to write about Anna Banana. We better come visit. I need new material!

Donalyn said...

they may look like aliens, but they won't hurt you. they are nice friendly flowers :)