Sunday, August 30, 2009

The day the troll came back for a visit

Let me paint you a little picture. Imagine one big brother minding his own business.

Now imagine one little sister poking, teasing, prodding and all around bothering the big brother.

Imagine the big brother taking it. He turns away. He doesn't get upset with the little sister. He asks his sister to pleeeeeease stop bothering him.

She keeps pestering. She is in the mood to tease.

Finally the big brother has had enough. He turned to the little sister and says in a growlly yes it is a word sort of voice, I am getting grumpy. And when I get grumpy I eat little girls.
The little sister laughs at him.

She does look kind of tasty, I think.

Want to hear about the first troll visit. Go read here.


Gina said...

Anna's hair is getting so long and pretty on top. Those are all such cute pictures of both kids. And such a cute story :)

Gina said...

We have been watching the first troll video over and over cause Sophia loves that story. Maybe Mark could do an encore presentation featuring Anna, it doesn't have to be the Troll story any cute video will do :) :)

Ellyn said...

Gina-I would love to do more videos. Unfortunately I have rather a lack of cooperation around here lately. Sorry.

Nap Warden said...

He is a patient one. Miss Peach would have decked The Little Man and been done with it:O

2nd CM said...

LOL! .... oh I needed a laugh while working today. I don't know how anyone could get grumpy with those blue eyes and blonde curls!

Ellyn said...

NW-He isn't usually so patient. Trust me.

CM-Blue eyes and blonde curls doesn't work on big brothers.

Donalyn said...

They both look tasty to me.