Monday, August 17, 2009

He's just trying to help

Let me just start by saying, Wow was that ever a fun vacation. We had a blast. I have so many stories to tell about all the fun times. We went to the mother of all farmer's markets. You know I love my farmers markets. I took the kids someplace I spent much of my own childhood. Can't wait to share that one. We did a great deal of front porch sitting. Love love love front porch sitting. But for today I am just starting slow with a story about my favorite boy child. The kids spent a great deal of time in the car over the last couple of weeks. We live several hours from where the reunion was actually held. We stayed down there some but then came home for a couple of days. Then we went back again. Lots and lots of sitting in the car. And for the most part they were really good. There were a few tense moments when I thought I may have murder one or the other of them. But all in all not too bad. Mark is really good at entertaining his little sister when he wants to. She adores him. He is also really good at driving her crazy. He does that a lot too. That's when we come back to the murder on the side of the interstate part. Anyhoo, this was one of the times when he was being nice. Anna still isn't talking much but Jason and I are really working with her. One of the big things we are working with is please. It's a pretty easy word and one we would really like her to know. We are pushing her to enunciate. We often say the first letter of a word several times to try and get her to repeat it. (boring background info but necessary to the story)Telling people what to do. This is so a torch Mark will pick up and run with. Sooo here we are driving through one the many quaint little towns between here and there. Mark spies something ahead. He turns to his sister and says, Look, Anna, pa pa pa am-buuuul-lance.

Maybe you had to be there. But it was so funny I almost fell out of my seat. I love the kid for trying to help but if he keeps this up she will never learn to talk, ever. People will just think she's losing air.


Nap Warden said...

First off...that's a great bubble picture!

Second...It's great that he's trying and he's a good big brother. Miss Peach spends half her time being a good big sister, and the other half beating on the poor Little Man:(

Gina said...

That is such a cute story :)

Donalyn said...

You don't call them pambulances up there?

Weezee said...

Oj my gosh I am still laughing at that. He is such a character!