Monday, October 12, 2009

A love of Fall

After living down south for so many years I have really come to appreciate this time of year. They have some fall color down there, but nothing like this. It's one of the benefits of having a real winter. The leaves put on one last hu-ra before they die. And let me tell you, this year has been really something. The leaves are so bright it almost hurts your eyes.
But the leaves aren't the only ones putting on a show, in my yard, this year. This is a red twig dogwood bush I got back in June. All summer I have patiently waited for it to do its' thing. And now it has. Don't you just love that color. It makes that whole side of the yard just happy.
And I can't leave without telling about my other favorite thing regarding this time of year. Hats. I love hats. It's a sickness really. I have lots of wintry hats for myself. And I am constantly getting them for the kids. My aunt made these for the kids a few months ago. I couldn't wait for the weather to turn so they could wear them. I know, I'm just a tiny bit strange. But look! Don't they just look so cute.

I love this time of year.

I can't promise this is my last Fall post. We are supposed to go on a scenic drive tomorrow. We will go if it doesn't snow. Yes, snow. There is snow in our forecast for tomorrow. Which, if it happens, will be earlier than last year by a good two weeks.


Flea said...

oo! I LOVE Anna's hat! And I love hats! Made tons of them for the kids when they were little, but the fabric kind.

2nd CM said...

More Fall posts would be great with me! … and if I lived nearby ... Anna might be looking all over for a missing hat ... (green is one of my two favorite colors.) So cute!

Mom said...

Hats refuse to stay on my head - I think all my brains push them off or something. Those kids sure look cute in them tho :)

Weezee said...

I love Anna's hat too. I should have swiped that when she got it back in August!

Dlyn, its really not brains that push your hats off, your eyes are brown. :)