Friday, October 9, 2009

You don't need a pool to make pool toys fun

So a weeks ago Jason came back from the store with a present for the kids. He does this a lot. He goes out in to the world and finds little treasures for them. They always delight in his findings. But honestly, this time, I thought it was a dud. He brings out these "wacky noodles." I did point out to him we don't have a pool. He assured me it doesn't matter.
The kids humored him for a few minutes. Then they put them down and went back to the sand box. Oh well, he said, they were on clearance.
The "noonles" (as Anna calls them) hung around a couple of days. No one really played with them. Then one day, someone (Jason) picked one up and whacked someone (me). Game on.

They have turned into the best toy we have. Score one for Daddy. They are some much fun, in fact, we went back and bought more. Still on clearance. Apparently, people don't buy many pool toys in September in NY. Go figure.
There are just all kinds of things you can do with a noodle. Sword fight. Yep. You can do that.
Pick on the swing people. Yep. Much to their delight.
Harass your mother. You can. But you shouldn't. Mommy fights back. Even when you are as cute as this one, Mommy takes no prisoners.
Leave it to Daddy to find a toy where you can beat the tar out of someone and no one gets hurt.


Donalyn said...

I didn't tell you that I took one of them away from Riley the last time we were there. The noodles, not the kids.

Grandma Shirley said...

I think I could use some of those at my Extended Care Program. Looks like you all are having a great time...Love, Mom

Nap Warden said...

Ah yes, the noodles. They aren't just for pools anymore;)

2nd CM said...

So good to have you back.... you were missed this week! .... and the story starts my afternoon and evening off, working overtime, with a hardy laugh!

Weezee said...

We use those as stride regulators for dogs at class but they are also good for making a co-worker see your point of view!

Anonymous said...

I'm hurt, how could you forget about the great water shooting wars we had with these. Aunt Melissa taught the kids how to fill them with water and blow it at people :)