Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Grocery Store

So this morning, Mark and I went to the Grocery store. We were in sore need of toilet paper. I know, I broke all the rules. I went all the way to the store for just one thing; wasting countless gallons of gas and wear and tear on my van. But here is the thing; we really needed toilet paper. So as I was walking back out of the store, I looked in my cart and IT WAS FULL. There is nothing worse than going to the store for just one thing because i never ever buy just one thing. I make the mistake of perusing the aisle and seeing what is on sale. Stupid! I should put on my blinders and go straight to the aisle I need and go directly to check out. Do I ever do that? No, I do not. So today, I came home with bucko bucks in groceries.

I didn't have have my camera with me so you will have to take my word that these took up my whole cart.

Do you think these were on my list? In a word, NO!

The good news is that I did get what I went there for. I have been known to come home from the store after going for just one thing and not even having the one thing I went there for. Jeesh.

It seems as though bread was on sale today. I didn't' even realize I bought this much until I got home. They love to see me coming at the store.

Disclaimer: Ordinarily, I would have used my mom's (We are staying with my parents. That is a story for another time) reusable shopping bags. But I thought I wouldn't need them because we only need one thing. No excuse I know.


Weezee said...

It runs in the family this having to get "one thing" and coming home with the store. Sorry to tell you it only gets worse with age.

dlyn said...

I am realy realy really glad you didn't forget the toilet paper since you gave me your horrible stomach bug - it is the least you can do to go and buy me some toilet paper. :)