Sunday, May 18, 2008


I started this blog to keep our loved ones informed of our daily goings on. Well here is what we are doing today....NOTHING!!! It is raining and nasty and we can't go out and play. It stinks. Mark is running up and down the house. He is starting to get that caged animal look in his eyes. It is supposed to keep on raining too. Three year old boys should get to play outside every single day.

On the up side, there was lots of poop in the potty today. We are trying potty training for the 52 time. I think we are finally making a breakthrough. He gets the keys to the kingdom when he actually does it so he has lots of incentive.
This is probably too much information for only my second post but this is my life.
My dear mom at dlyn took the darling picture of Mark.


dlyn said...

Since the poop is actually at my house, I can attest to the fact that it is a current obsession. Poop and where it ends up are of great concern to us all. Much more than I ever expected it to be at this stage fo my life. But he is cuter than a speckeled pup so we are willing to overlook this small, and seemingly passing problem.

Weezee said...

Well you know dog trainers can't go anywhere without talking about poop. We have to be careful in restaurants that we don't turn off the families seated next to us.