Monday, May 19, 2008

Mark has discovered little sisters are useful after all. When we first brought Anna home from the hospital he didn't think she was so bad. Grandma and Grandpa were there and they gave him tons of attention. Anna didn't really do much. She mostly slept and ate. She was pretty quiet and didn't get in the way much. However as time went by he figured out having a little sister is kind of a pain. They take up a lot of your parents time and energy. You can't pick them up or play with them too much because the parents get all bent out of shape. You can't take toys away from your sister or the parents get all bent out of shape. It's just not any fun. Then one day your little sister learns to crawl and thinks you are the best thing that ever happened to her. She follows you around and you can go in front of her and say things like "Come on Anna. Lets play." Then your parents smile when you are nice to her. And if no one is paying attention you can help your sister to do things that you know she shouldn't. His mother wouldn't know anything about this, you see, because Mark's mother was the best big sister. I was never mean or spiteful or hateful to my sister. You can go ask her if you want to, over at Lauren's blog. Wait, no don't do that because I was awful to her. Really very very mean as I am sure she would tell you. I am surprised she will even still talk to me. Mark really is a much better big brother than I was big sister. He loves his sister very much and he always wants to hold her and give her kisses. He almost never throws toys at her or hits her. For Anna's part, she loves her big brother more than words. Everything he does is funny. Even when he isn't being all that nice she still thinks he is the best. I have to admit this sometimes makes him even madder. There is nothing worse than grabbing things away from your sister and she thinks you're a hoot for doing it. The worst part is, if one of the parents catches him, he still gets sent to timeout. I totally understand the difficulties of being an older sibling.

In this one Mark is actually just protecting his own interests. He doesn't like for Anna to play with his dump truck.

I am pretty sure he is trying to get her to eat that dandelion. She did. And they are yucky.

He wanted her to get in that basket with him. It is his farm. He has a lot of imagination.


dlyn said...

His farm looks a lot like my laundry basket - what is up with that?

Lauren said...

Loved it, I really liked that last picture of them in the basket. They are adorable.