Thursday, September 17, 2009

The first day

In all my speech therapy evaluation drama at the beginning of the week I haven't told you about the other big event in our lives. Mark started school on Monday. Don't expect any pictures of the big day. The little snot wouldn't let me take any. Moooooommm, not right now. I swear he is already a teenager.
Anywho, right, starting school. So we walked up to school. He immediately noticed they replaced the doors on the building. The new doors look exactly like the old ones. The boy misses absolutely nothing, ever. We went in and I swear the room seemed smaller than last year. Or maybe it's that Mark his grown so much. You should have seen him. He walked in like he was the king of the world. It was such a sharp contrast from last year. He wouldn't let me leave for half the morning last year. This year he was picking out the new kids and asking them if they wanted to play in the sandbox with him. He has grow so much from that shy boy I dropped off a year ago. I just love to watch him.
So I was finally able to tear myself away. Anna and I went on our walk. We came home to a pretty quiet house and spent the morning together. It was fun but in a different sort of way than the day before. We played dolls instead of trucks. We had quiet fun instead to wrestling.
When it was time to go get Mark, Anna was soooo ready. I'm fun but I'm no Mark.
We sat on the stairs for the end of class. I watched as my big boy led the other kids in what they were supposed to do. I couldn't have been prouder. Mark is a born follower. We have been driving home, to him, this year he is a big kid. He needs to help others do what they should. And, shockingly enough, he was listening. He did it. My heart was bursting.
Our walk back home was so much more fun than last year too. He told me about his day instead of having major overstimulated, overtired, meltdown. Last year he thought he was only getting that one day of fun. And didn't want it to end. This year he knows he goes back on Thursday.
It was a wonderful start to what I hope is a really great year.


Mom said...

He's a biiiiiig boy now!

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

He reminds me SO much of Legare at that age! I'm glad that he's happy about school...

Gina said...

That's wonderful! :)

Weezee said...

Woohoo Mark!
Love the picture!