Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Brain Dump

We went to Mom and Dad's last weekend. It rained almost all the way there. It cleared up on the horizon just long enough to offer this beautiful sunset.
We came home on Sunday night so that Mark could get to school yesterday. He loves school. I love that he loves it and I hate for him to miss it. One of the big reasons I love it though is because he comes home and does this.
While he was doing that some of us were very productive. The sunporch is nearly done. Due in no small part to the efforts of Jason. I think he put the last coat on yesterday. We just have clean up now.
Some of us felt the need to take 200 hundred pictures of a sleeping dog. You may call that a waste of time. I call it learning. And yes this was the best of them. I have a lot to learn.

And lastly a public service announcment. Did you change the batteries in your smoke alarm yet?

This turned into a mind stream sort of post. This is how my head works. Confusing isn't it? You should try being in here.


2nd CM said...

Don't worry about the mind stream thing ... it's hereditary! ; )

Donalyn said...

Humph! All of my posts are totally coherent and organized. So I guess that hereditary thing must have skipped over me. And the sunset is gorgeous!

Weezee said...

Can't wait to see the porch. I do have to say the thought of being in your head is a little scarey!

Weezee said...

oh and cute dog!