Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The First Day

It started about a month ago. Every day the little ones stand at the door and beg to go out on the porch. Every single day they cry when I tell them, No. It's too cold, I say. We are painting, their father says. We would freeze out there, we both say. Yesterday I got them up from nap time and told them today is the day. Today we go out on the porch. I thought Mark was going to pop. He was so excited. They came downstairs and went out there. They didn't come in for three hours.
They stood in the waning sun's warm glow. What a treat to watch them have such fun. They waited so long to be able to enjoy this. Rather impatiently I might add.

There must be something the air out there that makes big brothers feel sweet. He read to Anna for a long time.
Right before it was time to come in for dinner they both got on the couch and just watched the world for by. It was like they wanted to savor it for a few more minutes.
Last night during cuddle time Mark asked me if we could go out again today. I told him yes. I am not looking forward to the end of the week when the temperatures are going to dip back into the 20s. They have had a taste of spring and are not going to want to go back. I couldn't agree with them more.


Nap Warden said...

My kiddos are the same way with the patio. I think everyone is ready for the thaw:)

Weezee said...

Oh so cute out there together! I love the new banner too!

Donalyn said...

I would like to make a reservation for Friday afternoon please - for two.

2nd CM said...

I am so jealous of the sunporch! And the new hearder is beautiful, artful and tasteful .... good job!
And if those kids get any cuter .... they are cutoniannormous. (Wow! I just made that up!)