Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Observations

This is was my first winter back in NY after a long hiatus down south. I knew before we came back that this winter would be learning experience for us. When last we lived up north it was with our respective parents. We had responsibilities. But there are huge differences between shoveling your parents driveways and remembering to go to the attic every couple of days to make sure your own roof isn't leaking.
Last year when we moved here we knew life here would be different than any of the other places we lived. Certainly different than our last home in VA.
So for you today I have a list of 'oh crap, what have we done' from our first year back in NY.

1. Just because the 20 year old snow blower that came with your house runs in August does not mean it will blow snow in November. Work the money for a new one into the budget.

2. Don't spring for the new winter boots for the kids. Second hand is fine because you (Ellyn) are too big of a baby to actually take them out to play more than about 4times all winter. The second hand ones would have been fine.

3. Don't leave anything outside in a snow bank and expect to be able to find again before spring. i.e. gloves, toys, kids. Because you won't find it. But the upside of that is when spring does arrive and melt the snow it's like Christmas.

4. Always clean the steps, driveway, and sidewalks before walking on it. It is much much easier to clean loose packed snow than hard packed ice. Learned that one the hard way...twice.

5. Always do the last of your garden cleaning early. The first snow fall is going to come earlier than you expect. Like before Halloween. And yes I still have my wheelbarrow outside full of last year's annuals. It has been taunting me all winter. Don't let this happen to you.

6. Old houses are like having a window open all year. Caulk baby caulk.

7. It snows here. A. Lot. Make plenty of room for the the next snow fall this time or your driveway and sidewalks get progressively narrower as the winter goes on. Then when spring does come and melts the snow you say things like this to your wife. Wow I forgot how wide the driveway was. Then she will hit you for making her cram her minivan next to your truck all winter. Not that this happened to us. Because it didn't. Not at all.

8. Make sure to have lots of hats gloves, mittens and scarves. Because when you are in a hurry to get out the door there is a 99.9% chance of not being able to find the mate to the only pair of gloves still fit your ever growing daughter.

9. Speaking of clothing, it is a certainty that pants you bought in October will be too small by about February. Here is when you thank your lucky stars you have a Grandmother who loves to shop rummage sales. And buys things she doesn't really need. Then passes them on to you right about the time your son's knees start sticking out of his pants. Thanks Grandma! You saved me.

10. Wash the outside of your windows in October. So you can make sure and get as much vitamin D as you can from then 3 short hours of sun light everyday. Also this will keep for losing your mind from the smudges on the out side of your windows all winter. Did you know Windex freezes on contact at -10 degrees. Just a fun fact for you.

11. February is actually the longest month of the year.

12. Don't read down south blogs after March 1st. They will just make you cranky with their flowering trees, gentle breezes and warm temperatures. Then they come and comment about how it is 85 degree in Georgia today. Blah. Blah. Blah. Kidding Belle. I love ya. Even if you were gloating just a touch.

13. Your kids will catch every sniffle, cough, ache, pain, and puking disease to come withing a 50 mile radius of your home. Then they will pass those diseases on to you.

14. That first burger off the grill in the spring is going to taste better than anything you have eaten all winter. I know. we had them last night. Fantastic!

15. is all about you. What did you learn this winter?

This wasn't the first robin I saw but he is the first one who let me take his picture. Skittish little suckers.

That's spring to me, baby!


Rebecca Anne said...

I'm sure during the depth of winter, you were quite miserable at times. However, the after the fact story your wrote here is divine to read! I found myself smiling and nodding the whole way down.
Oh, and I'm with you about our Southern friends joy and pictures over all their flowers and 80 degree weather. I'll admit, I'm downright jealous, but our Spring will make it here SOON. (I'm in Idaho)
Take care, be warm and find those flowers,

Weezee said...

You are too funny! I'm glad this winter was such a learning experience for you. Sometimes lessons could come a bit slower eh?

This winter, after 5 days of no power or water after the now infamous ice storm, I learned I would never make it as a pioneer woman! Defintely not!

Donalyn said...

I have got to say that when the snow melted from my yard, what was left behind did NOT look like Christmas. Not even a little.

2nd CM said...

I learned this winter that when I am down and grumbly about our 20 degrees, and three inches of snow .... just read my cousins' blogs and it won't seem so bad!

Thanks for making me really smile today!

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

Cut me some slack...I was just trying to share the JOY!! LOL


When it's 110 in the shade with 100% humidity down here come July and August you can pay me back!

Seriously...I'm glad it's thawing out for you all. I know the kids are dying to get outside!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I learned last year to go easy on the spring comments when it's still snowing in Minnesota--it makes your blog friends crazy.

Nap Warden said...

Don't you just hate winter sometimes? It has been a cold one:P I like Jenn's comment let's not jinx spring;)

Sean said...

Still think you guys should spend winters down here, the house down the street is for sale.