Monday, March 30, 2009


Unwilling to show you any current pictures of my snot encrusted children; I searched my archives to find something to make you smile today.
OK, that didn't do it for you. Well how about this. Ever since Daisy got sprayed by a skunk Mark has been obsessed with them What do they eat? Where do they live? Will one spray me/Daddy/Mommy/Anna/Tux/Daisy again? You get the picture. So the other day we went to the salon the get hair cuts. When we opened the door this conversation took place.

Mark: Smells like skunk in here.

Me: Actually that is the smell of someone getting their hair colored.

Mark: Are they drawing it or painting it?

I had of a picture in my mind of the hair stylist drawing hair onto a bald head. I don't know if that is what he thought. But that is how it sounded to me.

Have a great Monday!


Weezee said...

Oh that gave me a good chuckle. That kid just cracks me up!
I love that picture too!

Weezee said...

Why is this post called rug? just curious.

Ellyn said...

Like hair piece or Toupée.
Maybe I am ahead of my time as far as humor goes. Or maybe I am just not that funny. No, I am going with the first one.

2nd CM said...

Well, the picture did bring the smile and the story topped it off! We Mark's are just too funny, huh!

Mark's right .... the salon does smell like a skunk!

Weezee said...

Oh I get it! Actually I thought that, a painted or drawn on hair rug. LOL!
You are funny! Really!

Donalyn said...

And apparently Grandma's hairspray smells like skunks spray. That, or I grabbed the wrong bottle by mistake!

Flea said...

Too funny!

We passed multiple dead skunks this last weekend. There was a skunk convention somewhere.