Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Rocks For Brains

I love rocks. I always have. I used bring my Mom "cute rocks" as a child.(I think she still has a box of them somewhere) Where we lived in Virginia the soil was very sandy. No rocks. Every time we went to my parent's house I grabbed a few big rocks and took them back home for my flower gardens. That's right. I used gas to carry rocks from NY to VA. I am pretty sure Jason thought I had rocks for brains. When we moved I actually took a few of my favorite rocks from VA to NY. So, yes, I took rocks from NY to VA then from VA to NY. These are very well traveled rocks. The end of that little story is I like rocks. So imagine my delight, last year, when my neighbor put in a stone wall around her yard. Further imagine how happy I was when all her rocks didn't flow with her creative juices. Imagine her delight when I offered to take these offensive rocks off of her hands for her. I will give them a loving home here in my yard. She can even come visit if she likes. We will talk about those rocks in another post.
For today we just have her wall. I love this little wall. In the summer the grass grows under it. And in the winter the snow rests on it. It has an all year beauty that I love to sit and enjoy.
I hope by tomorrow we will be back to a state of health I am willing to photograph. Jason and I are trying very hard not to catch what the kids have. I'm not sure how successful we are going to be.


Flea said...

Aww. Rocks. One can never have too many cool rocks. You'll have to head in this direction so we can visit the commercial quartz mines in Arkansas together. You can haul away whatever you and your vehicle can carry, I'm told.

Trannyhead said...

My 20 month old is in a major rock stage. He just loves to pick up any small pebble and excitedly exclaim, "rock!" It's way cute.

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

It is VERY important to have the right rocks!

Donalyn said...

Better look out - I have MY eye on a few of those rocks!