Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Day He Turned 4

Dear Mark,
Today marks the anniversary of your birth. The day that forever changed my life. My how life has been altered since that day four years ago.
Where has time gone. It was just last week when you were a tiny baby. And your father and I were a complete wreck. I used to stand above you bed and watch you sleep. So afraid that at any moment you would stop breathing. I ached for you when you weren't in my arms. I missed you when you were across the room. You were the most frustrating and rewarding thing in my life. My life wasn't really mine any more. It was yours. You dictated when I ate, slept, showered. I delighted in your every coo, laugh, wiggle.
You have come so far in the last 4 years. It's hard to believe how fast you are growing. Gone are the days of the rolly polly baby. Gone are the toddler years. You are long and lean and all boy. People in stores often believe I have pulled you out of 1st or 2nd grade to shop with me. They are shocked to hear your age.
You started pre-school this year. I have so enjoyed watching you grow and learn. This little school has been so good for you. It amazes me how far you've come. That little shy boy from September is gone. Replaced by an outgoing down right exuberant child who ask every single day if you can go to school. While I miss the boy who asked me to stay with him that first day of school, I am so thrilled to see the leaps and bounds you have traveled this year. Now you run down the stairs in anticipation of the fun to come. You greet your teachers with enthusiasm and ask question like, How was your weekend? or What did you have for did for dinner last night? (it's all about the food for you.)
You challenge me Mark. Your thirst for life is exhausts me. You never stop. Even in your sleep you move and talk. Your endless questions about everything force me to always be on my toes. You ask questions about everything in the world around you; most recently the anatomy questions. I am about to tell you to go talk to your Dad.
I love that I am your sounding board. You are testing your environment to see what works. Some things definitely don't work. Some things do. Even on days when you frustrate me to the very end of my frazzled rope I love you.
Last night during cuddle time you reminded me that this was your last night a three year old boy. I can't believe three is behind us. And I can't wait to see what four brings. Continue to be the sweet special boy you are.
Happy Birthday, Mark!


Gina and the Fam said...

Happy Birthday Mark!!

Donalyn said...

Happy Birthday from Grandma & Grandpa. And Riley. :)

Burgh Baby said...

Happy birthday, Mark!

Beautiful letter, mom.

2nd CM said...

Happy Birthday Mark! I have a son that is 20 today.

Do me a favor and tell your Mom I don't like getting tears in my eyes while I'm reading blogs at work ..... maybe they will think it's my allergies!

Just Another SAHM said...

Terrific letter!
Happy Birthday to your little man. :)

Weezee said...

Happy Birthday Mark!!! YOu are an amazing boy!!!! We love you.
Aunt Louise & Uncle Scott oh and the pack too!

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet sweet boy. He's going to treasure your letter to him forever.

Fisher's Blog said...

You made me cry. I can't believe our kids are getting so big. It seems like just yesterday we were posing our 2 tiny babies next to each other. I still think you need to make Jason give you another one!!! You hear that Jason :) Please tell him aunt Lissa says hi and I miss him like crazy. Can't wait to see you guys. Love ya!!