Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Day We Sat Under A Cow

Please tell me you remember the Cream Cheese Festival. If you don't, you must not know me at all. It was only the most fun I had all year. Worlds most biggest cheesiest yummiest cheese cake. That jog your memory for you. OK. Good. I thought we had a communication problem there for a minute.
Before the festival we went and saw this lovely lady. Just for the record she has way more clothes than I do. This is what she looked like last week. She wasn't drunk but apparently I was. Have you had your V-8 today?

It's hard to get an idea of how big this thing is. So we sat under her. She is huge.

As a little side story. There is a little cheese store just next door to the big cow. Uhhhh....YUM!! The lady inside told us about a couple from Illinois who came in last December. They insisted the cashier come outside and take pictures of them milking the cow. Those people from the mid west are just a little off their rockers if you ask me. You would never see anyone from my neck of the woods doing anything like that.


Flea said...

COOL!!!! She's practically nekkid, though. Fred and Bessie would love to visit that bovine cousin!

Ellyn said...

Send them up. I would love to play hostess.

Flea said...

They'll be in Iowa shortly. But I don't think they're slotted to go anywhere after that.

Sean said...

You might not want a oic, of you milking the big cow, but I know you have a friend that would.