Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Don't Look Too Close

And you won't see the snot.
It's amazing how different they are. Mark sees his Dad laying there and takes the opportunity hand out a beating. Anna sees someone who needs a good cuddle. Both get what they need. He's a good Dad.


Burgh Baby said...

Good dads rule.

2nd CM said...

You are both great parents .... and that's no joke!
( .... No April Fool's joke .. get it.)

And the rock thing doesn't really concern me. I look forward to hearing more about the rocks. Keep in mind, I know your ancestors .... I'm amazed that you are as reasonably well adjusted as you appear to be! : )

Nap Warden said...

Yay Dads!

Donalyn said...

He is a very good Dad - and he is married to a pretty good Mom too.

Donalyn said...

And CM - I can hear you talking, you know!

Flea said...

They look a lot like him. Especially Anna - she seems to have his hair.