Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tea Time Again

I know this isn't my first tea related post. But because it is an almost daily ritual here I think it bears updating.
Tea time in the dead of winter in the kitchen while snow falls outside is nice. It feels cozy huddling over the cup to get every bit of warmth out of it. We went through gallons of tea last winter doing that very thing. But change the location and the whole tea dynamic changes.
First, there is a seat for the little person here. Last winter she really couldn't join us for tea because she couldn't/wouldn't sit in the big chairs. Now she delights in tea time. It makes her feel so big. If for some reason I am delayed in the kitchen a moment longer than she thinks necessary, she comes and gets me.
In case it isn't obvious, she's saying Ahhhhhhhh.

Second, tea on the porch sometimes requires a lot of looking. You have to make sure you attack it at just the right angle for maximum tea enjoyment.
Even my big old fat cat likes tea time.He was not invited to tea time on the kitchen table.


Donalyn said...

I totally dig tea time. I like mine in a sippy cup too - less spillage :)

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

That looks like a great porch for tea time! What a lovely tradition for you to enjoy with the kiddos!

Birdie said...

How sweet! My 92 year old Gramma is an avid tea drinker too. Always hot, no sugar with evaporated milk. She has a whole relationship with it I think! Life would just not be as comfy without it. I think that's why she's lived as long as she has really. In her family only the adults drank hot tea. It was a right of passage when one of the kids turned 13, they were allowed to partake in the tea drinking. She remembers it being such a big deal. How special that you've created this little tea tradition for your kids to remember!

Nap Warden said...

Your big ole fat cat would get along with my big ole fat cat;)