Monday, April 6, 2009

Jungle Safari

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Did I tell you I recently went on an Amazon Safari? I didn't! Well let me just tell you about it. I was trekking through the jungle. Just me, my camera, and my machete. Oh and my guide, Miguel. He carried pot, pans, my 3 room tent, clothes. What?! A girl has to live. So we went along parting the palms as we went. Then we saw it. I had heard tell of this strange little mullet topped creature. There had been a few grainy pictures. Mostly just a blur in the distance. No one has ever gotten this close. Could this be my moment. The moment every explorer dreams of.
And what is this?
It seems I have caught it in the middle of some ritualistic dance. Could this be a rain dance? Or maybe SNOW!!!
I think I have been spotted.
It did mysteriously start snowing soon after I snapped these. It was a little unusual for the Amazon I have to admit.


Donalyn said...

And such a cute little mullet head too!

2nd CM said...

Thanks for making me smile! Your blog makes my day! .... and no snarky comments about who's getting the last snow ..... especially since it was 26 here this morning! Ugh!

2nd CM said...

PS - Brooke's book (yesterday's post) was probably A Child's Garden of Verses by Robert Louis Stevenson. My favorite poem of his was My Shadow which is an all time classic. Ted Rand, one of my favorite watercolor artists has a picture book of My Shadow that is excellent and shows children from around the world and how the things they like to do are the same all over the world. Look for it in the library!

Nap Warden said...