Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Being Together

Just a few of my favorite pictures from this week.
The kids are doing a new thing. They gravitate toward each other through out the day. It is usually after I have yelled at one of them. The other day I yelled at Anna for doing something she shouldn't have. (Juggling knives or something. I can't remember.) She went and gave Mark a hug. They both looked at me accusingly. I laughed.
But really it thrills me beyond words that they are leaning on each other for support. I hope they are always the closest friend the other has. That is how it should be. And if I can help facilitate that by yelling at them, I am willing to do that.

Happy Hump Day!


teddie said...

It must be a mom thing. I have always loved the fact that my sons are so close to each other.

Flea said...

The pictures are too sweet. One of the reasons I had my first two so close together was in hopes they'd have that kind of relationship, and they do. It totally rocks.

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

They're going to be plotting to double team you.