Friday, January 9, 2009

Gross Stuff

Story #1
The other day Anna was sitting next to Daisy absentmindedly petting her. Daisy happened to be licking her butt at the time. Finally the slurping sound got to me. So I told her to stop. She sat up, noticed Anna, and licked her mouth. Yep, Daisy tongue went from her own butt hole to Anna's mouth. I can't really blame Daisy. I am sure Anna's mouth tasted better.
Story #2
Mark and Anna were playing together last night. They were having a fine time. The playing was a little rough. But they were both having fun so I left it alone. Then Mark hit his nose on the top of Anna's head. He turned around and ran to me saying Mommy, my nose is *sneeze*..... That boy blew bloody snot all over me. It was so gross.


Flea said...


dlyn said...

I am SO grossed out! And now the little buggars are at MY house! :D

Trannyhead said...

My toddler doesn't understand where the cat's butthole IS and when he tries to pet the cat, the butthole is fair game. Gotta work on that.