Monday, January 5, 2009

More Toys

You couldn't sleep last night, right? You just couldn't wait to come and see what Anna got for Christmas. Come on. I know it's true.
OK so maybe not. I would hate to be responsible for you not getting your rest anyway.
Anna got a whole slew of pink things this year. I think those of the Grandmother persuasion are concerned about her not having any girly things to play with. Boy did they ever fix her wagon. It's like my house puked Pepto.
She received this little dollhouse from my parents. She loves it.
I love all the pieces designed for interactive play. It even has a toilet. I give you one guess to tell me the first thing Mark did with the Dad. Boys!Anna especially like the way the baby tastes. 9 times out of 10 this is where the baby is.
It amazes me how much she already knows about stereotypical gender roles. She almost always puts the Mom in the kitchen.
Did you notice Anna is still sporting a pretty good mullet. I guess my letter went completely unheeded.Just saying.
Mark is not above a bit of doll house play himself.
This was a close one. The only reason the doll house won is because I can take pictures of it. She also really enjoys the stroller/baby doll combo given to her this year. But whenever she is playing with it she is racing around the house at full speed. Don't know where she learned that from. I certainly never race my children around with out care for their safety; just because it's fun. Much.


dlyn said...

Well that toilet is pretty fascinating. I would venture a guess it is the most played with part of this dollhouse all over the world.

Gina said...

Anna looks pretty in pink :) Sophia got a similar dollhouse for Christmas too and loves it. I must admit, the toilet is fun. You can even put the seat up and down, which is an important lesson I am still trying to teach dada :)

Flea said...

Anna wants to model (and keep)a smocked dress, doesn't she? And she wants grandma Dlyn to photograph her in it for Flea's new Etsy. Right? I have a white fabric with cherries, or a black with cherries. Oh, or a weird green toile' with children on it. Probably not a pretty color for her, though.

2nd CM said...

You stick by the stuff Momma and keep the TV at bay! We didn't' have one for years when the kids were little and I still regret sometimes getting one. My kids have just heard a fresh threat again of banishing it to an unusable part of the house. It's amazing .... when I say turn the TV off ( this includes Game Cube or Nintendo) .... after some grumbling .... kids turn to things like ... playing the guitar or piano, reading a book, writing a letter, shooting hoops in the driveway .... drawing pictures .... and last but not least ... playing with trains! I have a little boy that loves trains too!

Memarie Lane said...

Jessamine's got a mullet too.

Kellan said...

Cute doll house and darling daughter!

Happy New Year to you and your lovely family!