Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Snowy Days

It has been bitter here for the last couple of weeks. We have had days where we haven't even seen 0 degrees. Right now it is -10. It's cold. When it is cold like this I have a tendency to just hole up in the house under a blanket. I have no need and no wish to be outside. But the little people around here disagree. And when the pleading reaches heights where I can no longer stand it we go out. Yesterday the outdoor temperature reached a balmy 15 and sunny. So we bundled the kids up in every single piece of clothing they own and went outside.
Anna tried to freeze herself from the inside out. She ate as much snow as she could pick up with her little gloved mitten. And more with her bare hand when she thought I wasn't looking.
These pictures really don't do justice to the amount of snow we have. Mark crawled everywhere he went because every time he stood up he sunk in up to his nipples. I was seriously afraid we were going to lose the little one and find her in the spring still eating snow.

They had a great time out there. It took almost as long to get them dressed and undressed as we spent out there.

Next time we go out I have serious snowman plans.

The last picture I grabbed from Google Images. The others were taken by yours truly.


Flea said...

Way too cute! Don't lose Anna in the snow!

Nap Warden said...

So cute!

dlyn said...

You need to put a beeper on Anna so you can find her if she sinks too far!

Anonymous said...

It's been snowy and frigid here too, temps last week were around
-12 and wind chills of -30 and below. Today felt like spring, It was around 25 but Saturday's supposed to get bitter again. Glad to see you all are making the most out of a chilly Winter day, cute pix :)

Weezee said...

Geez send that kid to MA with that shovel. We are really sick of shoveling and it got up to 31 here today. Heat wave!