Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Day Mark Showed His Southern Roots

Mark and I play a game together. It's one he developed but I love to play too. Here is how it goes.

Mark: Mom, you're Actual Fish.

Me: Fine. You're Tux.

Mark: Fine. You're Anna.

Around and round it goes. Getting sillier each time. It's fun to see where he will take it.

So last night we were playing this crazy little game. Here is how it went.

Mark: Mom, you're Daddy. Yep. You look like Daddy.

Me: Fine. You're Daisy. Look at all that hair you have.

Mark: *Laughs like a manic crazy person.*

Mark: Mommy, you're Brett. *his stuffed bear* You have floppy ear like him.

Me: Fine you're a......*thinking*.......a cup. Yeah, you're a cup. See, here is your handle. Yep. You look like a cup.


Still pausing.

Mark: Mom, that just don't make no sense. *said in his best thick southern drawl*

And for just a moment, I thought my great grandmother from Alabama had joined me here in my kitchen. If he had said 'Hun' I would have been sure she had come down from heaven.


Donalyn said...

Now hon, he doesn't look like a cup does he?

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

I love it!

Weezee said...

Ha its in the blood!!!!

Christy said...

Very cute. I remember playing a game very much like this one when I was younger.