Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Spring Rain

While Mark was in school yesterday Anna and I decided to go out and enjoy the lovely happening all over our town. Wow. Was it ever a pretty morning. It rained the other night so everything had that freshly wet sparkle to it. We'll just say I didn't get in much exercise on our walk yesterday. I may have flashed my derrière to a trucker or two though. Next time I will remember my belt.
Moving on. Anna helped me pick out a few things for photographing. She intentionally picked out low things so that she could pat me while I took pictures.
These apple (I think) trees line the center of town. They make everything down town feel so cheery. And if you are really lucky you will be walking down there to at the very moment the petals let go in a stiff wind. We were that lucky last year. It looks like great big snowflakes but in a good way. Also as you can see the town put up the summer flags. I like the fall leaf flags, the Christmas flags, and the snowflake flags but it just feels right when they put up the American flag.
I hope and pray my weeping crab apple tree does this next year. Oh, have I not told you about that yet. Well come back soon for this summer's series. This Old Yard. It's going to be quite a project but I think Jason's back is up to it.
And this was my very favorite of all. I love how the rain even makes the leaves shine.
Hope you enjoyed our walk. Next time I have to leave the camera hope if I hope to get any exercise at all.


Weezee said...

Wow what gorgeous pictures Ellyn, especially the last one. I really need to get one of those.
I love that Anna was patting you while you take pictures. So cute.

Christy said...

That last image is gorgeous. All are beatiful but the last one is WOW!!

Donalyn said...

Just gorgeous Ellyn - I love the photos that new camera takes! You should look on Flickr for a user group to show these off!

Mouthy Housewife said...

thanks for stopping by The Mouthy Housewives. I guess one problem you'll never have is photography. the pics are incredible said...

The photos!!! WOW!!!!