Sunday, May 17, 2009

Kids and Duck Babies. Is There Anything Cuter?

What do you think my neighbor got? I'll give you one guess. Wow! You're smart. And let me tell you they are every bit as cute in person. The afternoon she showed them to me the kids were napping. So I got to hold them all to myself without having to share them with any pesky children.
My dear neighbor, being the wonderfully sweet lady she is, invited us back over later so the kids could see them too. I have to admit I was just a little afraid they were going to hurt the ducks. These are the same two kids that turn a clean house into a dirty one inside to three minutes. But contrary to what I thought they were both very gentle. They understood they had to be careful with them. Mark had a good time holding one in his hands. He and the duck seemed to get along quite well together.
Anna on the other hand did not have quite so much fun with the holding. She did enjoy feeding them though. Oh Durn! Now I want to get ducks. Wonder what Jason would think of that. Probably not much.


Gina said...

How fun!

2nd CM said...

I think Grandma K would get ducks so the kids could enjoy them when ever they visit. ; )

Donalyn said...

You know - we just might CM. Ducks are delicious! :D

Cutest pics ever - except maybe for the ones of a certain little girl playing with a baby pig named Clementine.

Weezee said...

Oh my gosh they look so adorable. D- you need to get ducks!