Monday, May 11, 2009

The Morning After

Well that just sounds dirty. But this isn't so get your mind out of the gutter. This is a family place. Jeesh!
This Mother's Day was a good one for me. I think this is the first one that Mark really understood. He was so excited to go and get me a present with his Dad the other day. He made a big ordeal about keeping it all a secret. Then Jason left it in the van for me to find on Saturday. Oops. From then on it was referred to 'the thing that shall not be mentioned.' Then yesterday morning Jason and the kids trudged down the the basement to get it for me. The kids were so excited to give me something that they had picked out themselves. And don't worry, I acted surprised. So what was it you ask? Well, they know their Mama let me tell you. They got me this lovely petunia that will hang in the tree in the front yard to be enjoyed all summer. I love it.
But wait there's more. Mark made this in preschool the other day. He was very careful not to show it me when I came to pick him up. I even got a stern finger wag about not opening until the big day. I laughed so hard there were tears in my eyes. Then when I did open it he had to show me all the things it would stick to with the magnet on the back.
But wait there is still more. In Sunday School yesterday he made me this little lovely. Of particular interest was the red bead. That was by far our favorite bead on the necklace. I wore it all day even though the yarn was very very itchy. Next year I might donate some nice soft yarn.
Do they know me or do they know me? Jewelry, art and flowers. What a fun day.

How was your Mother's Day made special? Or how did you make your Mom's day special?


Nap Warden said...

Well, I suppose my Husband knows me...he gave me the afternoon off, and I saw the Star Trek Movie!

Flea said...

What a great mom day for you! They seem to know you well. :)

Donalyn said...

Ooooh - love that plant - the little white things are called "Arctic Frost" I think - I was looking at it in a greenhouse the other day. And my kids and husband made the day special for me :)

Weezee said...

What a sweet day you had!
We took Scott's mom to dinner and then I spent an hour on the phone with my mom.
Nice day.