Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Two Beautiful Women. Two Crazy Husbands. 5 Insane Children. One Heck Of a Good Time

They arrived on Sunday. There was this one
this one
and who could forget this one.
We also had my usual cast of characters. This one
and this one.*We were in a red covered wagon at the time.*
The two women all the kids came from.
the two husbands.
*Inappropriate gesture.* I can't tell you many pictures he has ruined this way. I think his mother should have a word with him about being nice.
It was so much fun.
Come back again real soon guys. We miss you already.


Donalyn said...

Too cute! And Jason, I am just shocked!

Grandma Shirley said...

Jason, I raised you better than that! We will have a talk when you get here in a few weeks. Love, Mom

Weezee said...

They are cute! JASON! I am shocked too. Shirley you have a talk with that boy!

Ellyn said...

Thanks G.S.

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

I'm glad Jason's mama is going to have a talk with him!!!