Saturday, June 7, 2008

Anna Is No Longer Vertically Challenged

In case you didn't understand from the header, Anna can stand up all by herself. This brings both joy and dismay to the hearts of her father and I, as any other parent can understand. We are so excited to see her stepping toward independence. But we also are looking toward the day when she climbs all the way to the top of the stairs or some other daredevil trick that will scare us to death. All of that is forgotten because she is so proud of herself when she get up there. She looks around to make sure someone in watching. Half the time she is so excited she falls right back on her butt. It is too cute. This doesn't usually slow her down any. She just gets right back up. She is a hoot to watch.
My dear Dad deserves credit in helping Anna learn this newest trick. It has been coming for a little while but he is the one who gave her the final push in learning how. He is a very good Grandpa.
Hope you enjoy today's video.

The video is to show you that she can stand. It isn't a very good video of her though, so I included a few of her cuter pictures from recently. Enjoy!!
When we were staying with Mom and Dad, we sat on the porch every day for "cocktail hour." It was so nice to watch the sun sink lower in the sky and just enjoy each other's company. This was taken out on their porch with the sun behind her. It makes her look like she was glowing.

I could just take pictures of her all day. And some days I do.

This is one of her favorite toys. She will stand there forever and push the little button to see what happens next.


2nd CM said...

Thanks for sharng the stories, pics and videos. They make my lunch time enjoyable. They are so cute!

When my two girls (now 20 and 21) were that age they had two imaginary friends .... Bonka and Pantsy. They were a very important part of our family for a few years. When they got a little older they imagined that Elvis Presley lived in the basement of our next door neighbor's ..... whatever!

dlyn said...

She is the cutest. We had a blast with you guys this weekend!

Gina said...

Yay! Pretty soon she will be cruising around the furniture and be able to stand all by herself without holding on to anything! Exciting!! It won't be long, Sophia started standing all by herself very quickly after cruising around the furniture and started taking steps a couple days after that so I'm sure she will be running after Mark in no time!

Anonymous said...

what a cute godzilla baby imitation! love - dad

2nd CM said...

PS - I looked it up and our loal library system has a copy of "My Friend Jasper Jones" I requested it and it will soon be at our local branch for me to pick up and read to Nahtaniel. Thanks for the tip!