Monday, June 23, 2008

A Few Pictures for Monday

Don't those eyes just go right through you.

My little beauty.

Happy Monday!!

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2nd CM said...

I'll have to say .... you two make beautiful babies! Mark reminds me of his Great Uncle Kurt.

I found the only copy of My Friend Jasper Jones at the library and Nathaniel has really enjoyed it. I'm hearing about Jasper Jones at different times. :)

Let me give you a book tip that I know Mark would enjoy, Thy Friend Obadiah is one of the books by, I believe, Turkle. They are a series of picture books about a Quaker family that live on Nantucket Island. Obadiah has many adventures. The pictures are nice watercolor (which you know I enjoy.) Some day I'm going to buy a set for us to keep but I've gotten them at the library with all of my kids.