Monday, June 30, 2008

Quirky Things About Me

Lauren tagged me the other day. She wanted me to come up with seven strange things about myself. I told her I would probably only be able to come up with a few because I am not all that strange. As it turns out I am a little stranger than even she thought. I have eight.
So here goes:
8. Clutter makes me crazy. I will deal with for a long time then one day, I just can't stand it anymore and go through the house like a hurricane.
7. I have to sleep on the side of the bed away from the door. That way if someone comes in to get us, they will get Jason first and I will have time to run away.
6. I am a barefoot queen. In the summer I almost never wear shoes. I find them too confining.
5. I have to get the kids dressed as soon as they get out of bed. If I don't, I feel that we haven't accomplished anything that day. When it's done then I can say "There we did something today. The kids are dressed." Weird, huh.
4. I can't stand for someone to add ketchup to food I make unless the food was designed to have ketchup or some other condiment on it(ie. Burgers, hot dogs and sometimes eggs). When Jason and I got married he put ketchup on everything. I found it incredibly offensive for him to put ketchup on a stew I spent half the day making. I am not sure he would have married me if he knew that was in the small print of our marriage license.
3. I can't stand the TV on during the day. Even if I am not watching, it makes me feel like a slug and can't we find anything better to do with our time. As it turns out we can because we never watch television during the day.
2. I am a list freak. If I go to the store, start a project, or start my day without list, I feel completely disorganized. If I don't take a list shopping, I always forget the most important thing I went to the store for. And that drives me batty.
1. I love rocks. Where we lived in Virginia, there were no rocks(I know, doesn't that make you sad). I used to get rocks from the creek that runs by my parents house. Then I drove them down to Virginia to put in my flowerbeds.(Gas wasn't quite so expensive back then.) When we packed the PODS, I took my favorite rocks and brought them up here to our new home. I also brought a tree stump that I found interesting. A friend, who helped us move, thought I was nuts.

Boy after all of that, I bet you are wishing you lived here. Poor Jason; he is stuck with me.

Lauren has already tagged everyone I would have tagged so I won't tag them all again. If you are someone who just happened by and would like to play, please feel free. Let me know so I can come and check out what is strange about you.


dlyn said...

Well, you clearly take after your father's side of the family in your wierdness. :)

Weezee said...

Ok, you need to get over this ketchup thing or never make macaroni & cheese when I am visiting.

Other than that I don't find you all that weird.

Oh and #7, good plan! I am sure Jason can take whoever comes through the door! Run Ellyn run!

Irene said...

I like your list! I also am usually barefoot in the summer. I used to read Flylady, but her "where are your shoes" reminders used to drive me crazy. I am sorry, I don't care if she thinks I will be more motivated, there is no way, no how, I am going to wear shoes all day. Never.

I actually like your habit for getting dressed first thing. I have a bad habit of slothing around too long, and it only makes me feel miserable. I feel so much better when I get up and ready right away.

Lauren said...

The one about sleeping furthest from the door is me too. Mom always has to sleep on the same side of the bed. But for me no matter that side it is it better be the one further away from the door. Steve can handle the intruder while I run to the kitchen for a knife. :)