Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I love child smell!!

No, I am not losing my mind. I am not talking about that gross smell of a baby who needs a change or a kid who has played in the mud. I am talking about that wonderful scent of a child who had bath last night and slept in a in his or her bed all night. Then woke up this morning and played enough to get just a little be sweaty. Kid sweat doesn't stink like adult sweat. Kid sweat smells sweet and Delicious. It makes you want put you nose right down into their hair and inhale deeply. It is right up there with fresh cut grass for me.
Anyway I just wanted share that. Now here are a few pictures of those Delicious smelling children.
Mark and Anna have started taking baths together. They just love to sit and splash around in the water. It makes me happy beyond words to see them get along.

Makes you think Mark contemplating the meaning of the world. Well, he isn't. He is thinking about what kind of badness he can do without getting caught. I have seen that look many times.

Kind of reminds me of Kilroy, that thing people put on the front of their vehicles.

We are in big trouble. (We still have a few boxes sitting around as you can see. I am too busy taking pictures to unpack them. I am a busy lady.)

I love to watch them play.


dlyn said...

I know that I am not in the least bit biased when I say they are the most gorgeous grandchildren on the planet. And they do smell awfully good. Usually.

Kellan said...

Those are great photos - you have adorable kids. I love that "kid smell" too!

Have a good day - Kellan

Katie said...

I KNEW I'd seen that baby before! I was on dlyn's blog a few days ago...she is just precious. Thanks for finding me! Can't wait to see what else we have in common.

Weezee said...

I know that smell! I smelled it on you quite a few years ago.

CM said...

I think you inherited your love for kid smells from your Great Grandma K. She used to tell my how good I smelled and that I had my own natural scent. I've never forgotten the compliment! Some days when it seems I can't do anything right, I can think .... at least I have my own natural scent! ;)