Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My Dad and My Son

My favorite time of day with Mark these days is the five minutes or so right before he goes to bed. It is our cuddle time. We slow down and look back over our day. I like this time because it is so fun to see our day through a child's eyes. I have learned many an enlightening thing about him at this time. I always ask him "What was your favorite part about the day?" If we have done something fun that day, like the zoo or the playground, that is always his favorite part. I love hearing the answers on more mundane days. I get answers like picking up pine cones or taking a walk. Things I take for granted are the most fun for him. He has such an imagination he can make anything fun.
This last weekend my parents came up and stayed with us a few days. I encouraged my Dad to do cuddle time with Mark. I happened to be up there while they were. I get such a kick out of listening to them sing "Jesus Loves Me" together and talking about the day. I peeked in and they were both lying there looking up at the ceiling just talking. It was so nice to watch my Dad and my son spend the last moments of a waning day together.
I didn't take any take any pictures of them up there because I didn't want to ruin the ambiance of the moment. And apparently I didn't take any other pictures of them together the whole weekend either. Thought I did. You will just have to imagine a picture of this guy

and this guy (Dad wanted me to take this picture. Why, I don't know. Perhaps because of the unlikelyhood of him ever really using that parking spot.)

in a picture together. Make them reading a book in you mind because that is the picture I am sure I took. I swear my camera is deleting pictures against my will.


Flea said...

Is science aide anything like kool aide?

dlyn said...

In this case Flea, I believe it is. :)

Great post E - can't wait to show Dad, he will be thrilled.

dlyn said...

Also - Riley is pretty ticked that you cut him out of this photo - you know how he gets about stuff like this!

Kellan said...

So sweet about your dad and your son's cuddle time - what a sweet moment!

Take care - Kellan